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Gizem Güneş is one of Turkey's new young talents

Who is Turkish Actress Gizem Gunes? Age, Height, Weight, and More…

Well… It’s been a while you haven’t heard from us, we are aware of it. And we are terribly sorry about that. However, it wasn’t for nothing. During that period of time, we have saved some ideas and then fallowed them. And here is the first of those ideas that you will forgive us after…

Misafir (The Guest)
Turkish Drama

“Misafir” (The Guest): The Story of a Woman Who Lost Her Memory

Misafir (The Guest) series appeared in front of the fans of Turkish TV series and drama with its first episode on Thursday, November 11th. Hazal Kaya, Buğra Gülsoy and Ozan Dolunay play the leading roles in the series. Is “Misafir” (The Guest) an Adaptation? A brand-new series has started on FOX! The series tells the…

Kivanc Tatlitug and Basak Dizer

World-Famous Turkish Actor Kivanc Tatlitug is Going to be A Father!

Very good and exciting news has just come from Kivanc Tatlitug and Basak Dizer couple. As we had shared here, the famous couple got married in 2016 with a simple marriage ceremony held in Paris. So, magazines claimed that Basak Dizer is 3 months pregnant. Sources close to the couple also did confirm the news….

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