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Baba (Father) is the brand-new Turkish TV series of Show TV
Turkish Drama

Baba (Father): You Can’t Buy The Core of Anything with Money

Turkey is going to welcome a huge TV production soon, which is Baba (Father), a pretentious Turkish TV drama. The thing, by the way, which is as exciting as the series itself, is the leading actors of the series. The world-famous Emmy-winning Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer and the young and talented handsome Turkish actor Tolga…

Sevda Erginci is one of the most beautiful and promising actresses in Turkey

Sevda Erginci: Beautiful Ezo of the Turkish Drama El Kızı

Have you ever heard of the name Sevda Erginci? She is one of the most beautiful and promising actresses in Turkey. The Turkish actress, who has been in stages since she was 15, is quite productive and hardworking, too. Actress’ fans and the Turkish audience have been wondering about the life and biography of Sevda…

El Kızı will turn Turkish TV channels upside down
Turkish Drama

Turkish Drama El Kızı: A Lonely Woman’s Struggle with Life

Fox TV’s new TV series El Kızı has been in front of the audience with its exciting new episodes. Well, the series has been moving forward firmly on the way to being a phenomenon. In the meantime, there are, of course, many questions that the audience keeps asking. So, do not worry! We are here…

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