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Fahriye Evcen is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in Turkey
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Fahriye Evcen: One of Turkey’s Most Recognizable Women Figures

We assume that there is no one here, among those who follow us, that has never heard of the name Fahriye Evcen. All of you have probably watched a work of the Turkish actress Evcen at least once in a lifetime! Yaprak Dökümü (The Fall of Leaves), Çalıkuşu (Calikusu), Ölene Kadar (Eternal), … You name the…

Graveyard (Mezarlık) was released on Netflix on June 17, 2022
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Graveyard (Mezarlık): What is the Story of Netflix Turkish Original Series?

On June 17, 2022, Netflix released its new Turkish original series Graveyard (Mezarlık). The series has been on the top of the Top 10 TV Shows in Turkey list since the show has met the audience. What makes the series cornerstone is that the series is the second one in which the Turkish actress Birce…

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