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    1. morad alm dar sei mitico per me tivoglio mene sei bravo sai recitare celai nel sangue io ho visto tutti i tui film con wadi dieb wadi diab iraq filistin,salistina sei molto bravo anche mimeti abdel hai .ahmran.sono molto contenta di te .bey sara lyoussoufi .nata in marocco. ha bito in italia

    2. أرجو المساعدة أريد أن أنتحر إذا لم أتوصل إلى شيء يمكنني من التحجث معه أنا أحبه كثيرا أريد إيميله أو رقم أو………أي شيء يوصلوني إليه أرجوكم ساعدوني كي لا أقدم على الانتحار وأنا جادة في هذا

    3. i dont think your life its usellesse and cheaper that make you thinking to suicide so think more and be patient if necati sasmaz read this that make him sad so try to find any information to find
      belive me me too i love him but i love alla h more any one
      think about it if i know any informayion about polat i send to you ok
      i hope that you accept as a new friend for you
      samira from tunisia

    4. turkish tv series are educational handsome actors and beautiful actresses but sometimes are cut not finishing the story whats really the ending as what i have observed in the middle east am watching here in saudi arabia.

    5. Turkey is a land of myth, a cradle of civilizations, a canvas of nature’s most aesthetic bounties & a confluence of varied streams of culture. Owing to its favourable position, Turkey is the bridging nation between the East & West (Europe & Asia) & therefore boasts a spicy blend of oriental & modern, splendor & sleekness, which makes diversity its other name. In Turkey every visitor can find something for themselves. The world class cuisine, vibrant cities, warm hospitality, recreational facilities, historical attractions, cultural heritage, over 8000 km’s coastline & an unparallel natural beauty make Turkey an irresistible holiday destination for independent or group travelers…

    6. انا من اشد المعجبين بمسلسل وادي الذئاب ، واطلب لكل من لديه البريد الاكتروني لنجاتي ششماز ليرسله لي ، وشكرا

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