Burak Özçivit: Tough Guy

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Burak Özçivit is one of the popular actors of Turkey. He has a different style and charisma. The most important skill of Burak Özçivit is that he can combine the tough guy appearance with Romeo style romance. 

Burak Özçivit Biography and Private Life

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Burak Özçivit was born on 24 December, 1984 in İstanbul. His family is originated from Gaziantep, a south-eastern city of Turkey. After graduating from high school, he attended to Best Model of Turkey and he was nominated as “promising model”.  Later in 2005 in his second attempt he was nominated as the Best Model of Turkey in 2005, and had the second place in Best Model of The World at the same year. 

Altough performing as a model, Burak Özçivit was always dreaming about becoming an actor. He had the required skills plus he was and is handsome, has a great body and dedication. Therefore, becoming an actor was not a hard thing for Burak Özçivit.

Burak Özçivit’s acting career began in 2006, his first acting was a small role in the tv series “Eksi 18” as the young police commissioner Murat. Then he had some appearances in the tv series Zoraki Koca “İhanet” and Baba Ocağı. He was slowly climbing the stairs of starring roles. The Turkish Horror movie Musallat was Burak Özçvit’s first starring. Altough the movie was underrated, Burak Özçivit’s performance was remarkable, and he hold the movie by his performance. In 2011, he took place in the tv series Küçük Sırlar (Little Secrets) it was an adaptation of the Gossip Girl.

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In 2011, Burak Özçivit was included to the legendary Turkish tv series Magnificent Century (Muhteşem Yüzyıl) playing the role great warrior and raider Malkoçoğlu, who is a historical character. Burak Özçivit was great with this role, he growed a mustache and did some body building for this role. Thus he have a stunning looking and become the dream guy for many woman. 

Now, we had a more popular actor, but we are not there yet! In 2013 he starred in the series  “The Wren (Çalıkuşu) with beautiful Fahriye Evcen.

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Burak Özçivit and Fahriye Evce in Çalıkuşu (The Wren)
Burak Özçivit and Fahriye Evce in Çalıkuşu (The Wren)

Çalıkuşu (The Wren) is based on the original novel. Feride lost her mother in her childhood she grew up in his aunt’s house with her cousin Kamran(Burak Özçivit). After having education and becoming a teacher Feride was now a young woman and she felt into love with Kamran. Their love was nearly perfect since some jealous thoughts spotted in her mind and she tought that there was another woman in Kamran’s life… Feride left her aunts home and went to Anatolia for work… 

Private Life

The Wren was a milestone for bot Burak Özçivit’s career and his private life. There was definitely a crush between Fahriye Evcen and Burak Özçivit, while acting in such romantic roles, as a result they fall in love actually. But there was a big problem, Burak Özçivit was in a long-lasting relationship with Ceylan Çapa… The crush crashed this and Burak Özçivit and Ceylan Çapa broke up. 

Burak Özçivit and Ceylan Çapa Broke Up

Burak Özçivit, the famous and handsome actor broke up with his long-term relationship with Ceylan Çapa. Burak Özçivit was playing in the Muhteşem Yüzyıl(Magnificent Century)…


The love between Burak Özçivit and Fahriye Evcen brought the couple to a new movie project “Love Looks Like You (Aşk Sana Benzer). It was a romantic movie and released in 2014.

Since 2015 Burak Özçvit is enjoying top of his career with the tv show Kara Sevda (Bad Romance). The Kara Sevda (Bad Romance) tv series have very good ratings in drama category and Burak Özçivit is now even more popular. 

Getting back to private life, yes Burak Özçivit continues with Fahriye Evcen and they are very closed to marriage.

Burak Özçvit and Fahriye Evcen in a concert. They've been dating since 2013.Burak Özçivit and Fahriye Evcen Getting Married?

Burak Özçivit and Fahriye Evcen have been dating since 2013 in the shooting of the tv series Çalıkuşu (The Wren). They were playing the…

Burak Özçivit is 1.84 cm height and 79 kg in weight. Burak özçvit’s twitter address is: https://twitter.com/burakozcivit 

Burak Özçivit Photo Gallery

Bonus: The Shoe Looking Like Burak Özçivit

The Shoe looking like Burak Özçivit
The Shoe looking like Burak Özçivit


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