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50 Must-See Places in Turkey | Part 1

If you are planning a trip to Turkey, you are probably searching on the internet for various Must-See Places in Turkey articles. Here is the 1st part of 50 Must-See Places in Turkey. The list contains various landmarks or attraction points from different provinces and regions. Thus, you can pick your favorites on your route. Turkey’s tourism offers a variety of choices and we are sure that you will reconsider your travel plans for this year. A holiday in Turkey will never ever disappoint you…

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Here we go…

1-NEMRUT: Place of Giant Sculptures

Sunset at Nemrut Mountain
Sunset at Nemrut Mountain

Nemrut is an ideal place for history fans. It locates in the Kahta town of Adıyaman. In this area, there is a national park that includes traces of the Kingdom of Commagene an ancient civilization. There are gravestones and giant sculptures of lion and eagle head in 7 meters height.

2- AMASRA: A Small Town in Nature

Amasra is one of the must-see places in Turkey
Amasra is one of the must-see places in Turkey

If you want a peaceful holiday then you will become a big fan of Amasra. It is one of the most charming towns in the Black Sea Region. In addition to its natural beauties also a historical tour which involves Historic Genoa Castle, castle and museum of Amasra are waiting for you.

3- AMASYA: A City of River Beauty

There may be some surprising things in a middle Anatolian city. Sight the houses which hold the distinction of being a Traditional Ottoman house, by Yeşilırmak river running along the middle of the city is a good reason to visit Amasya.

4- OLYMPOS: A Town Contains History and Mystery

Olympus has Turkey's longest beach and is definitely one of the must-see places in Turkey
Olympus has Turkey’s longest beach and is definitely one of the must-see places in Turkey

In Olympos which has traces of ancient Lycia, Rome, and the Byzantine Empire, you can have a nice holiday full of history and mystery at the same time. You can see the fire that has lighten for 3 thousand years in Çıralı and enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the world.

5- ULUABAT GÖLÜ: A Lake Home to Fishes and Bird

Uluabat Gölü is in 34 km distance from Bursa. Its composition provides a suitable environment for different species of waterfalls which have a number of nearly 100 thousand. It is also an excellent place for aquatic species and harbors 21 different kinds of fishes. So, it is definitely among one of the must-see places in Turkey.

6- ŞİRİNCE: A Romanian Village of Aegean

It is a historic Romanian village in 8 kilometers east of Selçuk famous for the ruins of Ephesus. You can find lots of vineyards, peach gardens and olive groves in there. You can also visit Famous Şirince houses which have built by Anatolia architecture of 19. century. Hospitable people of Şirince have you taste famous wine.

7- POLONEZKÖY and AĞVA: Lungs of İstanbul

If you visit İstanbul, it is highly recommended to see Polonezköy, where is a historic place, and Ağva a cute place between two rivers, or Anadolu Feneri where locates Anatolian side of the Bosphorus.

8- CUMALIKIZIK: An Ottoman Village

Cumalıkızık where Orhan Gazi had set up before capture Bursa is in 2 km distance from Bursa. There are gorgeous houses built by Ottoman architecture. You can enjoy the rivers that run through the narrow streets of the village and be surprised at how hospitable people meet you.

9- OYLAT KAPLICALARI: Thermal Springs with Both Spa and Nature

There are different options for the holiday. If you choose thermal springs then Oylat Kaplıcaları is one of the most suitable choices for this. It is in a very green forest 27 km far from İnegöl/Bursa and offers both the most beautiful green and the most healthy waters of nature. Here is a useful link.

10-GÖKÇEADA: Twins of Aegean

Gökçeada, Twins of Aegean, is worth all the way through to visit and appear as another must-see places in Turkey
Gökçeada, Twins of Aegean, is worth all the way through to visit and appear as other must-see places in Turkey

If you want to experience the last sundown of Turkey, energize by drinking Dibek Coffee in Zeytinli, and taste the delicious deserts of Hristo you should make sail to Gökçeada. It is worth traveling to the Romanian villages individually.

11- TORTUM ŞELALESİ: A Fall in Erzurum

Tortum Fall in Turkey's Erzurum is a natural wonder and is among must-see places in Turkey
Tortum Fall in Turkey’s Erzurum is a natural wonder and is among must-see places in Turkey

Tortum Falls is 35 km far from Tortum. It is 48 meters in height. This amazing fall was the longest fall in Turkey. Since the hydroelectric dam completed, it falls in winter and spring due to the water level of the lake. If you visit the east region of Turkey you should definitely come over to Erzurum and Tortum falls and Tortum Lake.

12- ALAÇATI: A Place Where All Surfers of the World Arrive

Alaçatı is known as one of the most frequent places visited by surfers from all nations. It provides an excellent wind that makes surfing in all seasons possible. Also, it has a wonderful nature to get lost in, architecture to explore, and delicious natural products to taste.

13- KÖYCEĞİZ: The History and Nature

Köyceğiz is known as an ancient port town and possesses history for 4000 years. There are many reasons to prefer this town. For example, you can have a bath in thermal springs in Sultaniye village and experience safari in Yaylaköyü and Gökçeova.

14- SİNOP CEZAEVİ: A Prison Where Competent Turkish Writers Suffered Greatly

Prison of Sinop was built in the period of the Seljuk Empire. It had used as a big school where people have political offenses up to 1997. Refik Halit Karay, Sabahattin Ali ve Necip Fazıl Kısakürek some famous authors of Turkish literature were examples of a convict of Prison of Sinop. Now this place is used as a museum.

15- PALAMUTBÜKÜ: A Silent Holiday in Nature

Palamutbükü is a bay that has a distance of 25 km to the center of Datça. You should visit Palamutbükü if you want to swim in a sea shining like a pearl, fishing in sparkling water, and trip to close bays by yacht. This village located as a protected area is the right choice for sea and nature addicts.

16- ÖLÜDENİZ: Unique Sea and Nature

Ölüdeniz is a unique place in Fethiye. You can experience sea bathing on the most beautiful beach in the world and you can discover a natural treasure Kelebek Vadisi (Valley of Butterflies) after an amazing and unique journey. Also trying paragliding in Babadağ is another excellent option that Ölüdeniz offers.

17- SAKLIKENT: A Surprising Journey in the Canyon

Saklıkent a valley that is 18 km in length locates between Fethiye and Antalya. It presents the extraordinary beauty of nature and here to go ahead climbing is needed. You should definitely visit this place if you look for incomparable experiences.

18- ADALAR: Time for Sightseeing

Islands lined up in the Marmara Sea are at close quarters to Istanbul and they are at the top of the list of sights of the metropole city. Especially Büyükada should be seen, climbing up to the hill by coach, and riding a bicycle to discover the island should be definitely tried. Summer is the most appropriate season to see these islands.

19- KONYA: Do Not Leave without Seeing Sille

Konya, a city in the middle of Anatolia, is an outdoor museum with its history and culture inheritance. If you want to feel Hz. Mevlana (Rumi) and investigate his principles closely, you should definitely visit this city.

20- UZUNGÖL: A Dream Garden Consists of Nature’s All Colors

Uzungöl, a kind of dream garden, hides among the foggy mountains of the Black Sea. You can find thousands of tones of green, colorful flowers, and the coolness of a wonderful plateau. You should see Uzungöl immediately before structures damage of its fiber.

21- KAPADOKYA:  More Than a Must…

Kapadokya cradle of civilization locates in the middle of Turkey. You can feel the magical atmosphere just after taking steps to the region. If you belong to the group thinking flying is freedom, then you should try a balloon tour. Or, if you just say that discovery of the region on foot is the best, you should try tracking in Ihlara Valley. No matter what your reason to visit Kapadokya is, you should definitely see chimney rock paradise.

22- HARRAN:  A City of Fairy Tale

Harran, an important station that joins Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean, is 45 km southeast of Şanlıurfa. So, it has a 5000-thousand-year-old history. What’s more, the city and the area has been an important cultural center since prehistoric times.

23- SELİMİYE:  Masterpiece of Sinan the Architect

Edirne Selimiye Mosque is Architect Sinan’s one of the most important masterpieces. Moreover, it is the peak of Ottoman-Turkish architecture. Tiles, handwritings, marbles, and hand works in the inner of the mosque are work of art in its own right.

24- PAMUKKALE: White Pearl of Aegean

As for another must-see place in Turkey, no one can imagine imagined a list without containing Pamukkale (Cotton Castle). It is in the region which includes traces of an ancient civilization of Hierapolis. There are also an archaic pool, archaic theatre, and archeological museum in this region. So, a tour of this place offers you both a wonderful nature and a historic place at the same time.

25- İSHAKPAŞA SARAYI: Both the Seljuk Empire and Ottoman

İshakpaşa is a place set on rocky mountains in the distance of 5 km of Doğubeyazıt. It has 116 rooms. Furthermore, the structure of the palace holds the characteristics of Turkestan, Seljuks, and Ottoman architecture together. Therefore, it is a unique sample of Minor and Eastern Asia.

So, below you can see the link for the 2nd part of this two-part content. Please click the link below to dig in more for Turkey’s natural beauties. And then, let us know what you think of and what your favorite one is.

50 Must-See Places in Turkey! Part 2

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  1. I have been in Oludeniz in 2006. It was so amazing and i heard lots of good things about Olympos, i really wanna go there for this summer vac. i just missed Turkey.
    Seni seviyorum Turkey !

  2. “Tortum Falls is 35 kms far from Tortum. It is 48 meters in height. This amazing fall is the longest fall of Asia and Europe and the third longest fall of the world.”

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