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Best Turkish Wines both Red and White to Taste and Enjoy

Assyrian wine has a thousand year of tradition in Anatolia.

When you think about wines, the best wines, in the world, Turkey and Turkish wines are not among those you think of. The first two that would probably come to mind would have been French and Italian wines, which is fair enough!

Best Turkish wines to taste.

Best Turkish wines to taste.

Nevertheless, Turkish wines are more valuable than it is praised. But unfortunately, because of the harsh alcohol restrictions in Turkey, wine producers are having trouble finding a place in the market. Yet, day by day, we hear more of the best Turkish wines and producers are quite eager to set off-world markets. It is quite probable that universal wine lovers will discover them in the near future.

Turkey’s Winemaking History

Turkey has a long ancient winemaking history that goes back millennia. Even, it goes back further than antique Greece and Rome civilizations. The history helped to cement the popularity of wine as a cultural cornerstone. However, as a matter of fact, the international recognition of Turkish wines is a very recent phenomenon. Therefore, all the wine producers want is to increase this popularity and spread it all over the world.

Due to the strict alcohol laws in Turkey, Turkish wines try their chances in Europe.

Due to the strict alcohol laws in Turkey, Turkish wines try their chances in Europe.

Best Turkish Wines Based on Grape Varieties

Like Italy or France, Turkey benefits from a great many numbers of local grape varieties. Nonetheless, wine admirers beyond Turkey’s borders are not familiar with many of them. Varieties such as Kalecik Karası and Narince are sometimes blended with international varieties. It mostly appears on many labels and it really showcases the diversity on offer.

Turkish wines have incredibly delicious flavors.

Turkish wines have incredibly delicious flavors.

International Popularity of Turkish Wines

Above all, it is not wrong to make a classification such as the best Turkish wines as some of them received international awards. Sub-regions and local areas in Turkey even produce their own wine brands that are impossible to ignore. Just as an example, Thrace, the Aegean Coast, and Cappadocia are among those producing the highest quality wines.

Even though Turkey is one of the world’s biggest grape producers, people use only a tiny percentage for making wine. The majority of grapes, on the other hand, are being grown and used for table grapes and traditional Turkish alcohol beverages raki.

Turkish wines are underrated ones around the world.

Turkish wines are underrated ones around the world.

The one sad fact: alcohol promotion in Turkey has been illegal since 2013. The prohibition encompasses everything from advertising to wine tastings. Therefore, assumably, these strict restrictions cause the wine industry’s domestic growth. And so, many Turkish wine producers have been seeking for glory in international markets.

The List of Best Turkish Wines

  • Pasaeli, Çalkarasi Rosé, Izmir, Aegean Coast Region

Pasaeli, Çalkarasi Rosé

Pasaeli, Çalkarasi Rosé

The Çalkarası grape is native to Çal in southwestern Turkey. It is 850 meters above sea level in red loam and rocky soils. Believe it or not, it’s truly amazing. It has a nice balance of acidity and freshness with light red berries on the nose and an almost mineral finish.
  • Urla Sarapcilik, Nero D’Avola-Urla Karasi, Turkey

Nero D'Avola-Urla Karasi

Nero D’Avola-Urla Karasi

The next brand, Decanter World Wine Awards, is a Platinum winner in 2016. This is a super Red that is well worth the premium price. We must mention that it is farmed biodynamically on 3,000-year-old vineyard terraces. The wine contains the Sicilian Nero d’Avola with 10% of the Urla Karasi grape. The company, by the way, rescued the grapes mentioned from extinction.
  • Pasaeli, 6N Karasakiz Merlot, Turkey

Pasaeli, 6N Karasakiz Merlot

Pasaeli, 6N Karasakiz Merlot

First of all, Seyit Karagözoglu is the founder of Pasaeli, who brought this wine into our lives in 2000. It was a true discovery at the recent Wines of Turkey. Tasting wines from both international and domestic varieties in London shows real personality. It is a mix of the two; 18% Merlot and 82% Siyah Sakiz (translated as ‘black gum’).

  • Kayra, Kalecik Karasi, Denizli, Aegean Coast Region

Kayra, Kalecik Karasi, Denizli

Kayra, Kalecik Karasi, Denizli

It was the Californian consultant winemaker Daniel O’Donnell who has been making Kayra’s wines for the past decade. He takes into account this variety (commonly referred to as KK), as the Pinot Noir of Turkey. This is 50% whole-fruit fermented giving amazing purity of sappy red cherries, incredibly soft freshness, and what’s more, a perfumed lift.
  • Kavaklidere, Prestige Narince, Cappadocia

Kavaklidere, Prestige Narince.

Kavaklidere, Prestige Narince.

Narince was first produced as an alternative wine by Kavaklidere. And grapes for this wine come from the leading Cotes d’Avanos vineyard as well as plots in Tokat. The maker of the wine fermented it in oak barrels and then aged it for nine months on its lees. The process gave the wine a rounded, creamy palate of yellow fruit, floral notes, and lemony acidity.
  • Büyülübag, Iris Rosé, Turkey

Büyülübag, Iris Rosé

Büyülübag, Iris Rosé

Büyülübağ wines are based on Avsa Island in the Marmara Sea. Büyülübag farms 20 hectares on sandy loam soils. Büyülübag farms are vinifying their grapes in a modern gravity-fed winery. This bone-dry rosé (2 grams/liter of residual sugar) is made from the Adakarasi variety. You can’t find it anywhere, except Avsa Island.

Best Exotic Turkish Wines

  • Ma’adra

Recently, some wine companies in Turkey have been trying with Pinot Noirs. However, Ma’adra makes the only suitable one you may possibly find. Other options are including chardonnays, cabernets, and syrahs.

Turkey has an ancient winemaking history stretching back millennia.

Turkey has an ancient winemaking history stretching back millennia.

  • Syriac Wine

A Syrian Christian community in Mardin cultivates these wines. So, it can be quite hard to find and to be honest, it is a bit expensive. However, it has an excellent flavour. You’re likely to find it at the small corners called tekel shops and sometimes at Carrefour. You’ll identify it from the Arabic signs on the label of the bottle.

  • Tigris

Assume that you’re looking for good and cheap wine. Then, Tigris (made by the Kavaklıdere company) is one of your best options. The wine blends Öküzgözü, Boğazkere, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It also has very little tannin taste that gives a taste slightly sweeter than other wines.

Turkey's winemaking history goes back thousands of years

Turkey’s winemaking history goes back thousands of years

  • Corvus

Bozcaada is the homeplace of this prestigious wine. Corvus produces wine from both Turkish and European grapes. It is, indeed, includes Syrah and Cabernet, and also blends that combines them both.

  • Turasan

This wine belongs to the Cappadocian region. The wine company offers several single-grape and blended options. And furthermore, their prices are very reasonable. What we highy recommend is a blend of Syrah, Öküzgözü, Boğazkere, and Kalecik Karası.

  • Umurbey

Umurbey makes a wonderful Cabernet. Moreover, it is one of the few Merlots you may have enjoyed. It is an attractive choice if you’re desiring more common Western grapes rather than local Turkish grapes.

Thrace, the Aegean Coast, and Cappadocia are producing the highest quality wines.

Thrace, the Aegean Coast, and Cappadocia are producing the highest quality wines.

  • Kutman

Kutman winemaker is an expert on fruit-based wines. It contains a lovely pomegranate taste and is suggested to be served chilled. So, many fruit wines in Turkey are a vile Manischewitz-level good. However, Kutman actually knows how to do it at best.

  • Villa Doluca

This winemaker is an expert in blends of grapes such as merlot, shiraz, and öküzgözü. Moreover, it is quite a cheap one and can be found in almost every local market that is allowed to sell alcohol. Especially, it is very common on markets available at any Migros or tekel shops.

Some of the best Turkish wines are at the world's standards

Some of the best Turkish wines are at the world’s standards

  • Kuzeybağ

This brand specializes in pure oxeye and has a pleasant sensual taste.

  • Buzbağ

This pungent and solid blend combination of boğazkere and öküzgözü is a tasty treat. We should mention that it is, suggested to consume after a meal.

So, hopefully, you’ll find our article useful. Moreover, share your comments with us below on which Turkish wine you’ve tried and liked most and don’t forget to share this article!

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