The couple married in May, 2018 in the USA
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Will Burcu Esmersoy and Berk Suyabatmaz Divorce?

The beautiful talent Burcu Esmersoy has been in a relationship with the famous businessman Berk Suyabatmaz since 2017. The recognized presenter of Turkish televisions Burcu Esmersoy has been single for a long time. After she divorced her first Italian husband Massimo Cusimano in 2008, Esmersoy was like in a loneliness vow!  Massimo Cusimano was the Ferrari Advertising and Marketing Sponsor Manager. The pair married in Paris in 2005 and divorced in 2008. The reason for divorcement was because of Massimo cheated on Burcu Esmersoy!

Burcu Esmersoy had some romantic relationship with different men. But they didn’t take so long. After refusing the marriage proposal of her ex-lover in 2016, she met Berk Suyabatmaz in 2017. After some time, they began dating. The couple decided to carry their 1.5 years of a relationship into a marriage. As a matter of fact, Burcu Esmersoy and Berk Suyabatmaz married in May 2018 in New York City, the USA. Their marriage came true in the Turkish Embassy. Burcu Esmersoy was bursting with happiness, so was Berk Suyabatmaz.

The couple married in May 2018 in the USA
The couple married in May 2018 in the USA

Why Did They Decide to Divorce?

If they are in such an happiness, so why in the world did they decide to divorce? The first gossip on this question is that Berk Suyabatmaz doesn’t want to have a baby in spite of Burcu Esmersoy would like to. However, Esmersoy refuted this claim with a certain tongue. So the second and more reliable claim is another cheating story! According to the gossips, Berk Suyabatmaz cheated on Burcu Esmersoy with a married woman. While she was on a business trip in the USA. After she learned that, decided to finish their togetherness.

Anyway, there is no official statement from the couple. Instead, they explained that “our relationship doesn’t work any longer. Divorce is the best option for us to choose”.

Burcu Esmersoy is 43, Berk Suyabatmaz is 41 years old
Burcu Esmersoy is 43, Berk Suyabatmaz is 41 years old

When Will They Divorce?

Burcu Esmersoy and Berk Suyabatmaz took a decision to end their 15 months of marriage at the mid of this August. Last week, she sued for a divorce and the case will be seen on the 2nd of December, 2019. None of them will ask for alimony, nor any property. It is expected that they will be divorced in one session.

Who is Berk Suyabatmaz?

Berk Suyabatmaz was born in March 1978, in Antalya. He is a very successful businessman in Istanbul despite his young age. Moreover, Suyabatmaz is also famous as a popular name of Istanbul’s high society.

His name was quite popular because of his relationships with famous celebrities. He is interested in skiing and likes to travel a lot. Suyabatmaz continuously travels and shared his travel pictures on his social media accounts. Berk Suyabatmaz proceeds his business on the maritime sector.

Berk Suyabatmaz is a successful businessman
Berk Suyabatmaz is a successful businessman

Who is Burcu Esmersoy?

Burcu Esmersoy was born on 2 October 1976 in Istanbul. She is now 43 at the age of 43. She has a long and bright career in addition to her private life. Esmersoy was chosen as the Miss International in 1997. After that, she became the “Beauty of Friendship” in Japan. She studied Tourism Management at Istanbul University. After graduation, Burcu Esmersoy went to New York University to study Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management.

Burcu Esmersoy defines herself as a "Princess of TV"
Burcu Esmersoy defines herself as a “Princess of TV”

Besides her beauty, Burcu Esmersoy has a stunning background and career as you can see. She took charge in several positions on TVs such as foreign news editor, sport news presenter, reporter, and presenter of celebrity shows in many different TV channels. What’s more, Esmersoy has a great command of English and Italian. She speaks fluently both languages. In addition to all, she also took small parts in several Turkish TV series and movies. She is also very good at windsurfing and swimming.

As Burcu Esmersoy said that she also receives so many offers for playing more in the movies. But she specifies that is better for her to be on TV. She feels better and calmer on TV, but not the cinema. Esmersoy says that “I am the TV princess”.


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