Who is Özgü Kaya? Özgü Kaya’s Age, Length, Wight

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Who is Özgü Kaya? The beautiful Turkish actress Özgü Kaya has been drawing attention since her nomination among world’s beauties. Last week, the Turkish actress was nominated on “100 Most Beautiful List 2020“. Following the announcement of the list of TC Candler, many internet users have started to search for the name of the Turkish actress.

As we stated in our article in detail, organizers determine the 100 most beautiful names from all around the world. And in this year’s list, in addition to other Turkish actresses Demet Özdemir and Hande Erçel, Özgü Kaya also took place surprisingly. Therefore, the curiosity towards the young actress has grown. So, you can find all the details about her in our article.

Özgü Kaya was born 17 June 1996 in Istanbul. (Image Credit: Sözcü)
Özgü Kaya was born 17 June 1996 in Istanbul. (Image Credit: Sözcü)

Who is Özgü Kaya?

The beautiful Turkish actress was born 17 June 1996 in Istanbul. The successful Turkish actress is now 24 years old. Originally, she is from Uşak, an Aegean city of Turkey. The actress is still maintaining her education at Istanbul University State Conservatory. There, she is studying Cinema, Radio and Television department. The actress is 1.63 tall and weighs 53 kg and she draws attention to her natural beauty. Her zodiac sign, on the other hand, is Gemini.

Özgü Kaya’s Career

She made her first acting experience in 2017 by playing the Sibel character. The name of the series is Adı Efsane and she acted along with Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Gökçe Bahadır and Rojda Demirer. The series was broadcasted on Turkish private broadcaster Kanal D. Then, in 2018, she revived the character of Zeynep in the Kutul Amare historic Turkish series. Turkish state television TRT 1 was the broadcaster.

Turkish actress Özgü Kaya on Kimse Bilmez - Love and Secrets Turkish TV drama. (Image Credit: Twitter)
Turkish actress Özgü Kaya on Kimse Bilmez – Love and Secrets Turkish TV drama. (Image Credit: Twitter)

Ultimately, the beautiful Turkish actress acted in Kimse Bilmez (Love and Secrets) Turkish drama. The series lasted for 27 episodes on ATV. In this TV series, she acted as Sevda. The character is a very beautiful and energetic girl who dreams of being a star. Ali (Kerem Cem), on the other hand, has a mysterious past. Ali and Sevda’s extraordinary love story.

Does Özgü Kaya Have a Relationship?

The private life of Turkish actress is a matter of curiosity, too. Özgü Kaya’s fans are also curious about whether she has a lover. The name of the Turkish actress has been named together with many Turkish celebrities. However, the actress has been in a relationship with Burak Serdar Şenal. It turned out that the two celebrities had been in love for almost a year. The relationship of Özgü Kaya and Burak Şanal started on the set of the series “Kimse Bilmez”, where they played a role. The young couple had welcomed the new year in Paris, the city of love. Burak Serdar Şanal was previously with Hande Erçel.


Özgü Kaya on Social Media

The eminent Turkish actress is also quite popular on social media. She constantly shares funny pictures on Instagram for her followers. Through the following links below, you can follow the Özgü Kaya on Instagram to show your appreciation.

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