Ufo Sighting: Aliens are back in Eşme/UŞAK after 7 Years

Ufo Residents from Narlı village claimed that they saw aliens again after seven years from the first UFO sighting. The correspondent of Anatolian Agency gave the information that the tobacco workers from Tekağaç and Dede Lake location. Hasan Tülü (37) his wife Ferah Tülü, their child Hale Tülü (7) and Ahmet Can (40) and his wife Hafize Can (37) and Serkan Sert (26) claimed that they saw aliens. Residents told that, the object has 1 mt radius and it was covered with a shiny plate, they have tried to get a picture by their cell phone but they could not succeed.

Serkan Sert told: I tried many times to take a picture, whenever I shot the photo the result is a white and blank image.

For Ferah Tüllü, the object was looking like a little bear, which has a red stripe on its chest. She said that the object was appeared 300-400 meters ahead and it was getting closer slowly upon them, then the object raised 50 meters high and stayed there about 20 minutes.

The old Headman of Narlı village Sami Can told that this undefined objects have been visiting since 2001, they are illuminated and buzzing…

However, Prof.Dr Serdar Evren the head of Aegean University Observatory said that they may be “optical illusions” caused by refractions, and it is not scientific to make a decision without any scientific observation or physical contact.

The UFO event on Turkish newspapers: Rock Fight With Aliens
The UFO event on Turkish newspapers: Rock Fight With Aliens

The interesting part of this case is in 2001 three farmers claimed that they saw aliens again in Eşme. After that they had threw rocks to “aliens” and pursued them to run off, this funny story became incredibly popular, UFO reports from near villages and provinces started, amateur UFO observers rushed there and they found that farmers and asked them what they exactly see, the farmers drew pictures by their hand the aliens were not looking sophisticated as below:

The picture of the alien drawn by farmers
The picture of the alien drawn by farmers

More news on UFO’s in Turkey: Sirius UFO and Space Association: http://www.siriusufo.org/tr/?fx=sayfa_ac&url=html/english.asp

News source: Anatolian News Agency – http://www.anadoluajansi.gov.tr

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