Tuvana Türkay is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women of Turkey.
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Tuvana Türkay: The One of the Most Anticipated Turkish Actresses of Last Years

Firstly, Tuvana Türkay is the indisputably one of the most popular Turkish celebrity figures of the last years. So far, many people have been searching via the internet for any pieces of information about her. For instance, questions such as “Who is Tuvana Türkay?”, “Where is Tuvana Türkay from?”, “How old is Tuvana Türkay?” are the most common ones about her on the internet. So, here in this post, we are going to answer those questions.

Tuvana Türkay has been in the show business since she was a little child.
Tuvana Türkay has been in the show business since she was a little child.

You hereby can find all the answers to your questions here. So, here are all the details for Tuvana Türkay, who drew attention with her extraordinary and natural beauty.

Who is Tuvana Türkay?

The famous Turkish actress Tuvana Türkay was born in Üsküdar, Istanbul on 3 October 1990. Her family emigrated from Bulgaria to Turkey in 1990. While Tuvana Türkay’s father is originally from Bulgaria, her mother is from Rize, a northern city of Turkey.

Tuvana Türkay's family emigrated from Bulgaria to Turkey in 1990.
Tuvana Türkay’s family emigrated from Bulgaria to Turkey in 1990.

She first completed her primary education at Istanbul Güneş Koleji (Istanbul Sun College). So, she, later on, went to Istanbul Bilgi University to study at the department of Radio, Cinema and television. Although her star first started to brighten in 2009 with her role as Kevok in Ayrılık (Separation) Turkish TV series, she had begun to take part in commercial films when she was a little child.

Tuvama Türkay’s Splendid Career

Tuvana Türkay played in plenty of commercial films, —such as Coca Cola, Kent Şeker, Turk Telekom, Only Ped, Akbank, Ayyıldız Gsm, Kek Commercial, etc. So, we can say that she is such a productive name of the celebrity world. In addition to her talent with acting and beauty, she is also writing and singing a song. Therefore, she can be called as a versatile woman. Moreover, she took acting lessons from “Academy Neo“. On the other hand, she also joined singing and diction courses over a year.

In addition to Tuvana Türkay's talent with acting and beauty, she is also writing and singing a song.
In addition to Tuvana Türkay’s talent with acting and beauty, she is also writing and singing a song.

In 2011-2012, Tuvana Türkay played the character of Bade Palalı in Yer Gök Aşk Turkish TV series. Afterwards, she played the character of Bahar Çınar in Kara Para Aşk Turkish TV drama series in 2014-2015. In addition to acting, Türkay sang the song on the album of Enbe Orchestra in 2015 and gained great appreciation. Later, Mustafa Ceceli arranged the “Tuana” song under the arrangement. She also writes lyrics and composes.

In 2014, Tuvana Türkay starred in the series “Kara Para Aşk” with very famous and talented names. Those are Tuba Büyüküstün, Engin Akyürek, Erkan Can, Aytaç Arman and Nebahat Çehre. Thus, Tuvana Türkay gained great fame and experience by acting next to those master actors and actresses.


On March 27, 2015, she played a leading role in the movie film “Güvercin Uçuverdi” with Atalay Demirci. Master players Salih Kalyon, Zerrin Sümer, Ali Erkazan, Erdal Tosun and Ayşen Gruda accompanied Tuvana Türkay in the first feature film.

A Cornerstone for Tuvana Türkay’s Career: Yasak Elma Turkish TV Drama

The successful actress Tuvana Türkay has probably reached the largest fun base thanks to her leading role in Yasak Elma – Forbidden Apple Turkish TV series. Since Yasak Elma Turkish TV drama has become very successful, Tuvana Türkay also got her deserved portion from this success. Although she joined the series’s team in the last 9 episodes, she made her job and showed her as best as she can. So now, she has still been acting in Yasak Elma – Forbidden Apple Turkish Tv series.

Tuvana Türkay is acting as Leyla in Yasak Elma - Forbidden Apple Turkish TV drama.
Tuvana Türkay is acting as Leyla in Yasak Elma – Forbidden Apple Turkish TV drama.

Tuvana Türkay’s Filmography*

Year Production Role Notes
2013 Eksik Sayfalar Ayşegül Leading Role
2015 En Güzeli Gizem Leading Role
2015 Güvercin Uçuverdi Sema Taşkın Leading Role
2015 Bizans Oyunları (Games Of Bizans) Ayçörek Hatun Leading Role
2016 Somuncu Baba Aşkın Sırrı Necmiye Leading Role
2016 Sen Sağ Ben Selamet Doğa Leading Role
2017 Olanlar Oldu Aslı Leading Role
2017 Bir Nefes Yeter Nefes Leading Role
2019 Ağır Romantik Aslı Egeli Leading Role
Year Production Role Notes
2009 Ayrılık Kevok Leading Role
2010 Nakş-ı Dil Sultan Nakş-ı Dil Sultan Leading Role
2010-2012 Yer Gök Aşk Bade Palalı Hancıoğlu Leading Role
2014 Kara Para Aşk Bahar Çınar Leading Role
2016 Oyunbozan Ece Leading Role
2017 Deli Gönül Fatmanur Leading Role
2017-2018 Kızlarım İçin Kumru Leading Role
2019- Yasak Elma Leyla Çelebi

Tuvana Türkay’s Private Life

First of all, the private life of Tuvana Türkay is also a matter of curiosity for her fans. Therefore, her private life takes up a wide space on the agenda of celebrity life. However, Tuvana Türkay doesn’t want to be on the agenda with her private life, but her works. Nevertheless, Tuvana Türkay was with the national football player Sercan Yıldırım between 2012-2013.

Tuvana Türkay and Sercan Yıldırım
Tuvana Türkay and Sercan Yıldırım

Afterwards, she started a relationship with Alper Potuk, who is another successful football player of one of the biggest national football team of Turkey, Fenerbahçe SC. So, as far as we know, she has been single after those two football players.

Tuvana Türkay and Alper Potuk
Tuvana Türkay and Alper Potuk

As for Tuvana Türkay’s physical traits, she is 1.75 cm height. Her weight, on the other hand, 54 kg. What’s more, Tuvana Türkay’s zodiac sign is Libra. Tuvana Türkay is also interested in sports. So, as she told, she owes her physical form and beauty to water sports. She is regularly doing scuba diving. Furthermore, her next will is to dive into the ocean.

Tuvana Türkay on Social Media

So, the successful and beautiful actress is very active on social media, too. She mostly shares her daily pictures on Instagram fur fun. According to her pictures on Instagram, she loves travelling. And so, she is continuously travelling. Her last travel was Brasil and she turned into a viral on Instagram with her pictures from there.


Apart from everything, the last photo of Tuvana Türkay on Instagram fell to the agenda like a bomb! So, her picture in the bathtub blew everyone’s mind. In addition to her fans, many famous followers commented to this picture, too;


While some were criticizing by the reason of finding this picture extremely erotic, some others liked it because of her courage to share such a picture on social media account. But in any words, she attracted the whole attention.

So, here is the Instagram account of her;

* Source: Wikipedia/Tuvana Türkay

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