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Turkish Tv Series are Getting Popular

After the Brazilian wave of soap operas had passed, domestic projects of tv series started by inspiring the same emotional paradoxes, poor-rich conflicts, and classic sit-com model.

Gümüş (Songül Öden) and Mehmet (Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ) in Gümüş - Silver tv series
Gümüş (Songül Öden) and Mehmet (Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ) in Gümüş – Silver tv series

Obtaining high television ratings, the series became more mature and subjects varied too much. Lots of new series projects were launched but only some of them were successful. People are more selective now.

After domestic success, media merchandising started. Among the Middle East and Central Asia series named “Gümüş, Ihlamurlar Altında” became really popular nowadays, also “Kurtlar Vadisi” a crime and Mafia-based series became the top series in Colombia.

Still many projects are being shot, and besides the season summer is the time that new projects are being launched and tested. Getting feedback is quite easy because people are likely to comment about tv series, families are also doing their routine every week and make them watched by their guests.

Like the series, the actresses are becoming more popular. Every day people hear new gossip about Arabic Princes, Sheiks, or people who are became a fan of the actress.

Here we picked some beautiful actresses from Turkish television series for this interest about Turkish women on tv screens :

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