Turkish Televisions will Flame with “Alev Alev” (Flames of Fate) Series in the New Season

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Apparently, Turkish televisions will flame with a new and assertive production in the 2020-21 season. The series has just an identical story as we mentioned at the head of this article. The name of this new Turkish drama is “Alev Alev” (Flames of Fate) and it totally deserves its name! In the meantime, the series is adapted from the French TV series Le Bazar de la Charité.

So, with its talented casting, attractive story, strong production, and high budget, we are before you to introduce you to “Alev Alev”…

Talented Cast, Touching Story, High Budget

The production company of the highly anticipated new series of Show TV is Ay Yapım. The drama is preparing to leave a mark in the new season with its breathtaking, impressive script and a strong cast. Teasers of the series have featured some of the best actresses on the Turkish TVs. They are Demet Evgar (as Cemre), Hazar Ergüçlü (as Çiçek), and Dilan Çiçek Deniz (as Rüya). Along with those talented names, the series also features some master actors, as well. If necessary to name them, Cem Bender, Berkay Ateş, Cihangir Ceyhan, Berker Güven, and master actor Zuhal Olcay are the first ones to count. So, the series brings together some very famous and impressive actors and actresses. Meanwhile, while Ahmet Katıksız sits in the director’s seat, Burcu Görgün Toptaş writes the script.

Turkish televisions will flame: Alev Alev (Flames of Fate)
Turkish televisions will flame: Alev Alev (Flames of Fate)

Flames That Change All the Lives They Touch

On the other hand, as for the story of the series, it focuses on the lives of three very different, strong women. They all intersect with completely different stories, however, somewhere around a corner of life, they meet. On the other side, the series is all about the flames that changed all the lives they touch. Furthermore, it tells the story of the flowers sprouting from the ashes of a fire. In the background, you may see the story of finding yourself, continuing on the road, the pursuit of justice, and true love.

So, one way or another, it is obvious that “Alev Alev” will enrich your life. What’s more, it will also motivate you for your struggle against life and all its destructiveness. So, after all, it is not for nothing to say Turkish televisions will flame! “Alev Alev” (Flames of Fate) will make sure that it happened!

The Promotion of the Series Reached 2.5 Million Views

The highly anticipated series of Show TV, signed by Ay Yapım, made its mark on the agenda with its broadcast promotions. The second teaser of the first episode of the “Alev Alev” (Flames of Fate) series has reached 2.5 million views on YouTube!

The publicity in which the flames rising in the cistern take their breath away shows that a gripping story awaits the audience. The publicity, which attracted the attention of the fire scene with a giant production behind it, reached a record number of views and sat on the social media’s agenda.

The new and assertive Turkish drama of Turkish broadcaster Show TV
The new and assertive Turkish drama of Turkish broadcaster Show TV

Internationally Known Actresses of Alev Alev (Flames of Fate)

You may probably recall the two actresses of the series. Demet Evgar and Hazar Ergüçlü are Turkey’s internationally known faces on the world-famous online entertainment platform Netflix. Demet Evgar acted on Avlu (The Yard) Turkish TV drama, which later on purchased by Netflix. Hazar Ergüçlü, on the other hand, was one of the leading actresses of the first original Turkish series of Netflix: Hakan: Muhafız (The Protector).

When Can I watch Alev Alev (Flames of Fate)?

With its strong cast and ambitious story, “Alev Alev” is going to be on the Turkish broadcaster Show TV as of tonight. The audience will able to watch the series every Thursday at 20.00.

Alev Alev (Flames of Fate) on Social Media

We are sure that there will be many of the audience who wish to follow the series on social media. So, here, you can find the official social media accounts of the series.

Please feel free to share your comments related to the series. As new informations arise about the series, we will keep updating you here!

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