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Turkish Superman “Akıncı” (The Raider) Soon Meets the Audience

The new series of Turkish televisions Akıncı (The Raider)

The Turkish audience prepares to meet soon enough a new and exciting TV series. Televisions and the audience are finally having their own Turkish superman! “Akıncı” (The Raider) Turkish series, which has already drawn great attention with trailers, is son-on going to meet with the curious audience. In the meantime, it already has got a huge fan base.

Akıncı (The Raider) First Teaser:

So, with its powerful casting, fascinating story, and extraordinary fiction, Akıncı (The Raider) has created great expectations. Soon enough, we will able to comment as to the series, which is going to be released on ATV.

A First in Turkish Televisions: A Turkish Superman!

The idea is a sensational one! The first time, the Turkish audience will watch a superhero story in a TV series format. Therefore, there is a vast curiosity and expectation for the series. However, with the impressive casting, the series is already promising. The handsome Turkish actor Şükrü Özyıldız is going to act as the Superhero. (5 years ago, we had already discovered this newborn star of Turkish televisions. Check this out.) Appealing Turkish actress Büşra Develi, on the other hand, is going to share the leading role. (Click the link on her name to see all the projects she got involved in.)

Şükrü Özyıldız and Büşra Develi

Şükrü Özyıldız and Büşra Develi

What is the Story of Akıncı (The Raider)?

Akıncı series tells about the difficult struggle of a modern-times hero who takes his roots in Ottoman history. The hero, who lives in Istanbul, saves people’s lives and touch their lives, too. It is a whole story of a modern-times common people’s hero.

Akıncı (The Raider) Second Teaser:

In Akıncı (The Raider), which is based on the story of Fatih, the young person who does not have any belief in love, turns into a hero for Istanbul. In fact, the story of Fatih is based on a long history while becoming a superhero. Fatih, who has no faith in love, falls in love again later, at the same time, he is in a great struggle to protect Istanbul. So, it seems the Turkish superman will leave its mark on Turkish TV history.

Where is the Series Being Filmed?

The filming location of the series is Istanbul. The filming of the series is done in historic districts of Istanbul, especially in Kuzguncuk. And moreover, especially established plateaus are also serving as a set.

The series has an interesting and unusual story

The series has an interesting and unusual story

Şükrü Özyıldız: “I Prepared Myself A Lot for the Role”

The successful actor Şükrü Özyıldız said that he prepared a lot both mentally and psychically for the role. He stated that he always dreamed of playing a superhero production in Turkey, so finally, his dreams come true.

Şükrü Özyıldız is acting as the superhero Akıncı (The Raider)

Şükrü Özyıldız is acting as the superhero Akıncı (The Raider)

He added, “I am proud of involving in this project. I had a history of cage fights, and I also took weapon training. I was mentally and psychically prepared for the role with great discipline. Since May I have been with the character, I feel that I am integrated with the role.”

The Best Actor of the Year Award from GQ Magazine

The actor added that “It was a little difficult to adapt to Akıncı psychologically. My player-coaches were always with me. I trust our director Veli Çelik very much. We have a very professional team. We despise ourselves and say ‘Turks can’t do it’. Of course, it is about the budget. Therefore, I would like to thank our producer NTC Media. All these dynamics can be done together. Büşra Develi, with whom I share the leading role, is also my favorite friend. As Partner, I trust her, I think the harmony between us will pass to the audience.”

Akıncı (The Raider) Third Teaser:

Turkish superman also added, “We think as if heroism is an end to the suffering of the whole world. But if everyone tries to improve their surroundings, everything will be over. So first we need to start working with help around us.” The accomplished actor also said a couple of things as to the best actor award. He said that “The Best Actor of the Year award given to me by GQ magazine is very valuable to me. I am very happy. However, I am very cruel to myself. When I watch something, I get angry with myself why not do it better. Therefore, I’m always trying to find a better this way. Even if the director likes it, I criticize myself.”

The Casting of Akıncı (The Raider)

Şükrü Özyıldız and Büşra Develi are in the leading roles of the Akıncı (The Raider) series. At the same time, Akıncı cast includes Berrak Kuş, Yıldıray Şahinler, Yılmaz Bayraktar and Deren Talu.

The production company of the series NTC Media

The production company of the series NTC Media

Where and When Can I Watch Akıncı (The Raider) Series?

The series will be available on the private Turkish broadcaster ATV. Yet, neither a release date nor an hour is clear. So, for any further information, we will keep tracking details. So, will you! On the other hand, NTC Media is the production company of the Akıncı (The Raider) series. The producer is Mehmet Yiğit Alp, the project designer is Hakan Kandal, and the director is Veli Çelik.

Akıncı (The Raider) is the Turkish Superman

Akıncı (The Raider) is the Turkish Superman

Akıncı (The Raider) on Social Media

Here are some social media accounts of the series. Through those links, you can get the latest information.

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