Turkish Musician in Cat Vibing Meme on YouTube to Turn into a Trend in the World

A Turkish musician, a street drummer, in cat vibing meme has become a worldwide trend after YouTube’s post. The world-famous online video sharing platform YouTube has recently shared Bilal Göregen’s video. The street drummer and musician Bilal Göregen had become famous after a talent contest in Turkey in 2010. Now, however, his reputation has crossed borders with Levan Pokka song of Ottomania with a cat vibing on the video.

Many different versions of the cat vibing meme have followed the original one
Many different versions of the cat vibing meme have followed the original one

From National Fame to the International Reputation

The Turkish musician and nowadays a street drummer Bilal Göregen gained national fame in Turkey. He gained this reputation after joining a talent contest called “Yetenek Sizsiniz” (You Are The Talent) in 2010. However, international popularity came after YouTube shared its viral video on its official social media accounts, —both on Twitter and Instagram. So, in this video, the musician singing Levan Pokka song of Ottomania in a solo performance with his drum. But following an internet user edits a vibing cat to the video, Bilal Göregen and his video went viral around the world.

What’s more, YouTube could not stay silent to the trend either. So now, millions of people around the world talk, share, like, and comment on this Turkish musician’s video. What’s more, day by day new edits has been coming.

Turkish Musician in Cat Vibing Meme Shakes the World

Platforms such as Reddit and 9gag later added cat vibing to the Turkish musician Bilal Göregen’s video to the cat GIF. So then, they shared the video on their websites and started a worldwide trend called ‘Cat Vibing’. When Göregen shared the edited video on his own channel on November 1, 2020, the video reached 17 million views and more than 1 million 100 thousand likes.

YouTube, the world’s largest video portal, also shared the cat-mounted video of Göregen from its official Instagram account. YouTube has also added the link of Göregen’s channel to its bios.

The video received more than 200 thousand likes in a short time. It was seen that the same video was later shared on YouTube’s Twitter account following Instagram.

Here is the original version of the video:

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