Turkish Celebrities Abide By the Call for “Stay Home” Due to Coronavirus

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Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly in the world. So, on one hand, international health organizations have been seeking treatment and vaccine to stop the spread of the virus. And on the other hand, personnel precautions and solidarity calls are getting wider. By this means, there is so much to do for both foreign and Turkish celebrities as they have a great chance to reach millions of people.

As so, Turkish celebrities abided by the call for “stay home“. They also repeatedly state the importance of social distance and self-cleaning. As you also know well enough, in these hard times, washing hands and considering the social distance is very vital. Because these are very important precautions for self-protection against the perilous virus.

Remarkable Posts from Turkish Celebrities

In the coronavirus epidemic that shook the world, the famous Turkish celebrities abided by “Stay Home” calls. So, they share their quarantine days through their social media accounts. Here are some remarkable shares of famous Turkish celebrities.

1- Beren Saat

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🤸🏻‍♀️🎢 #staystrong #touchtheceiling

A post shared by BErEn Saat (@berenn_saat) on

World-famous Turkish actress Beren Saat has not left her home for a while due to the coronavirus epidemic. So, she shared the picture above on her Instagram account and added “stay strong” and “touch the ceiling” notes.

2- Ece Seçkin

Ece Seçkin is an eminent Turkish Pop singer. (Photo: sacitaslan.com)
Ece Seçkin is an eminent Turkish Pop singer. (Photo: sacitaslan.com)

The famous Turkish pop singer Ece Seçkin quarantined herself due to the new type of coronavirus epidemic. The pop singer made her followers laugh with the post she made on her social media account. Seçkin spent the whole day at home and shared the moments when she wrapped herself in a stretch film. And she also added the note “What are you doing? I am still standing today”.

3- Seda Bakan

Beautiful Turkish actress Seda Bakan did not neglect cleaning during the quarantine days. She wiped the house by taking the lap of her 7-month-old daughter Leyla. The actress shared the video of these moments from social media accounts. She indicated that “You know how I love cleanliness. Today is our 10th day at home. We’re doing our hygiene and staying at home. Stay home Turkey”.

4- Hadise

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#EvdeyimYaSen #StayHome 🏡

A post shared by Hadise (@hadise) on

Another famous Turkish pop singer Hadise also called for “Stay Home”. The singer shared her picture on Instagram without makeup and recommended her followers to stay home. With this post, she got nearly 400K likes!

5- Aslı Enver

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Sana söz yine baharlar gelecek🦋 söz…

A post shared by Asli Enver (@aslienver) on

The prominent Turkish actress Aslı Enver also joined the “stay home” trend. She shared a video through her Instagram account while making a handcraft. And so, she added that “success the impossible” under the video.

6- Özgün

Spending the quarantine days with her family, the successful Turkish pop singer Özgün made his followers smiled by adding the picture with the note saying that “Things were getting harder at home”.

7- Tuba Ünsal

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Maskemi yaparım Netflixime bakarım #stayhome

A post shared by Tuba Unsal (@tubaunsal) on

Turkish actress and former model Tuba Ünsal shared a pose she gave while sitting in her bed and presented it to her followers with the note “I make my mask”.

8- Ezgi Eyüboğlu


The beautiful Turkish actress Ezgi Eyüboğlu presented the home pose for the regard of her followers, which she took the blanket up to her face, to her followers.


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