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Turkey’s Top Destinations

Here is a quick list of the top destinations in Turkey. If you are thinking about coming to Turkey for your summer holiday, you should start to set up your travel plan. This list will help you very much.

Touristic Turkey Map with famous things and places

Touristic Turkey Map with famous things and places

Note that this list is unique; if you click on the destination, a Google satellite map supported with Wikipedia information and the media hundreds of photographs will help you to make you easily explore.

Top Destinations

  1. İstanbul: With its great historical background and its beauty as a present from gods.
  2. Antalya: Sun & Sea & Nightlife, the best place to spend your holiday, with the rapid increase of its popularity Antalya is one of the most attendant places to go. Especially there is a huge demand from  Russian tourists in recent years.
  3. Bodrum:  A classical choice for your taste, there is a  never-ending demand for the sea of Bodrum, its romance will give you the feel; you’ll nearly fall in love with her.
  4. Fethiye: Another classical choice, definitely the best sea on the Aegean shore, the Dead Sea and the Blue Voyage (Blue Cruise) will take you away.
  5. Marmaris: It’s near to Fethiye, but the popularity of its nightlife is so big, that people claim that it has the best nightlife in Turkey, best clubs and Dj’s. Engish tourists are in a  very high interest in Marmaris.
  6. Ephesus & Kuşadası : The great ancient City will always attract people, and its neighbour Kuşadası will always be the place to meet the sun and the sea.
  7. Ürgüp & Göreme :  The Fairly chimneys and the footprints of the ancient people, their civilization will take you away but it will be a little effect on you according to your experience of the beautiful Balloon Flight over the whole region and great valleys.
  8. Amasra: This tiny province will take you from your stressful world, you will lose yourselves in its beautiful Black Sea atmosphere and exotic history.
  9. Gallipoli: Not much to say…  Have you watched the ” TROY “? What do you know about The Great War WWI ? …Deep inside to history in the Dardanelles.
  10. Nemrut Mountain: What about a civilization that built its magnificent empire’s precious parts over a mountain? Why? Because it has the best sunrise & sunset all over the world.
  11. Mardin: The old city where all of the religions are meets and the culture of the past reveals over the tiny little streets.
  12. Hierapolis (Pamukkale): The Roman ruins and the travertine of the Cotton Castle (Pamukkale) are the true miracle and wonder!

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4 thoughts on “Turkey’s Top Destinations”

  1. Turkey is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination, and with the increasing number of cheap flights out to the region, this trend is likely to increase for the foreseeable future.

    I’ve just returned from a three day trip out to Fethiye, and was once again amazed by what this place has to offer. The region is simply stunning in its natural beauty, and yet has managed to retain a large amount of its original charm.

  2. I found your site via reddit. If I were to have 14 days in Turkey – which route/cities would you recommend? Flying in/out of Istanbul.

  3. In this season, you may go to Antalya and the Mediterranean coast where you may still have fun of the sea.

    İstanbul will be a good choice too. Which is the biggest city and has a lot of great stuff to see(Bospohorus, historical mounuments, city life, night life, museums etc.

    You may also visit Ephesus(Selçuk-İzmir) and Pamukkale(Denizli) and Cappadocia(Ürgüp – Nevşehir) which are season independent places and have good transportation and hotels and tourist guides.

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