Turkey’s Coolest Couple: Turkish Actor Burak Deniz and The Beautiful Model Didem Soydan

We claim! The article that you are about to read now contains extreme coolness and grace! We claim that the couple that we are going to bring to light today is Turkey’s coolest couple ever! For those who may have never heard their name, we are today going to mention the famous Turkish actor Burak Deniz and admirable model Didem Soydan. They are who we are going to comment on today.

Turkey's Coolest Couple has been amazing people
Turkey’s Coolest Couple has been amazing people

Let’s begin if you are ready!

Surprising Relationship!

The cool and attractive Turkish model Didem Soydan (37) and the Turkish actor Burak Deniz (30) have been in a relationship since the last August 2020. By the way, there are 7 years between the two as the actor Burak Deniz is seven years younger than her. So, the surprising relationship amazed the fans of the duo, too. Many fans of the couple have already started to share their appreciation with them, so have we!

Fans of the couple mostly call them Turkey's Coolest Couple
Fans of the couple mostly call them Turkey’s Coolest Couple

Since the couple has been together, gossips and rumors have never ended. The last gossip was that Didem Soydan broke up with the actor as she was over jealous of the actor. According to the claims, the reason for the jealousy was the intimate poses of her lover Burak Deniz and Alina Boz. The two, in the meantime, share the leading roles in “Maraşlı“, a Turkish TV series & drama.

Maraşlı is the new phenomenon Turkish series
Maraşlı is the new phenomenon Turkish series

Moreover, it was alleged that Didem Soydan fired Burak Deniz, who came to her house in Nişantaşı, from the door. Further, neighbors called the police as the noise disturbed them.

The Beautiful Model Ended Rumors with an Explanation on Her Social Media Account

Didem Soydan told, “Is a person who has been a model for 17 years is jealous of shooting?” Didem Soydan, who was attached to the lenses with his dog in Nişantaşı in October 2020, was asked whether she had a relationship with Burak Deniz.

Burak Deniz and Alina Boz
Burak Deniz and Alina Boz

Soydan, who did not want to answer this question at first, could not stand it later and said “I am with Burak”. It was the first confirmation ever on the relationship between the two!

The First Picture from the Couple

Actor Burak Deniz shared a photo with his model lover Didem Soydan for the first time. In the picture, Deniz rode a horse with his lover Didem Soydan on his day off.

Turkish model Didem Soydan is Turkey's one of the most beautiful and coolest celebrities
Turkish model Didem Soydan is Turkey’s one of the most beautiful and coolest celebrities

The relationship between Burak Deniz, the popular actor of the last period, and model Didem Soydan continue at full speed. The Turkish actor, who normally doesn’t share much about his private life on Instagram, broke the rule.

Turkey’s Coolest Couple Ride a Horse

The 30-year-old actor, who went on a horse ride with Soydan, published his photo taken with her lover. The picture, in which Burak Deniz dropped the “Hoo my son, hoo” note, quickly attracted great attention from his followers.

The couple's first picture together on social media
The couple’s first picture together on social media

Close Monitoring from World-Famous Celebrity Paris Hilton to Burak Deniz!

Magazines have recently caught the actor in Istanbul’s Bebek district with a car that has a private driver. Burak Deniz lost his driver’s license for driving with alcohol in recent months.

The world-famous celebrity figure Paris Hilton went after the Turkish actor. Seeing the photo of the famous actor on Instagram, Hilton asked his friend Çetin Tazeler who Burak Deniz was. “He looks angry but is he an attractive one. Is he a famous name?” she asked. That name is no one else, but Burak Deniz.

Burak Deniz laughed when Paris Hilton was reminded of the words ‘angry but attractive’ about him, “Come easy. Have a good time.”

Speedy Love Affairs of Burak Deniz 

The attractive Turkish actor Burak Deniz has speedy and popular love affairs. The actor, previously, was in a long-term relationship with another beautiful Turkish actress Büşra Develi. The couple had many fans and their followers were admiring their love affair.

Burak Deniz and Büşra Develi were the cutest couples in Turkey
Burak Deniz and Büşra Develi were the cutest couples in Turkey

However, above Büşra Develi, the famous Turkish actor’s name was also referred to other famous Turkish actresses such as Dilan Çiçek Deniz and Nesrin Cevadzade.

Turkey’s Coolest Couple on Social Media

The two separately have millions of followers on their personal social media accounts. So, we can say that they both quite popular on Instagram, in particular. Below you will see their official social media accounts, thus you can follow them if you wish…

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