Top 10 Crazy Turkish Dancing Performances

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Crazy dancing was always a phenomena. From the last decade with the rise of Youtube and other social video sharing platforms it become a global trend and cross-cultural phenomena.

The history of crazy dancing in Turkey come s from its traditional folkloric dances. It is not just for the young man, the old Turkish man and woman too. It remained the same until the hippie era and 80’s break dance inferno changed. But with the rise of the internet age it became really weird.

We’ve prepared a Top 10 list of crazy dancing performances for you.

10- Apaçi(Apache) Dance Phenomena in Turkey

It is not  about the Indian’s of America the Apache’s culture, it’s just derived from the hairstyle of them. The new Turkish punk youth having haircuts like Apache’s and they derived a new dance style from electronic dance. This trend spread around the country and the song Outro Lex by Flowshakers called as the Anthem of Apaçi’s in Turkey.

The guy in this video started the Apaçi dancing trend with his strange dance:

9- Father Hasan’s dancing performance

There is not much to say about this older guy, just watch his stunning performance:


7- Grandma Dance

These grandmas -probably- performing in a wedding in the hood are very interesting:

6- Kolbastı

Kolbastı vas another trend from 2009. It is derived a from folcloric dances of Trabzon and harmonized with the figures of modern dancing.


5- Inferno in the wedding


4- Crazy Dance in Kayseri

3- Crazy Dance in Zonguldak – A reaction to Modern Dance


2- If the old lads gets high the world will rumble

This video is one of the most spectacular dance videos. It seems that the old guys gathered for a picnic or drinking – they may be high- too and they start to dance with Lorna’s Paphi Chulo in the middle of the countryside. They fall, roll, rumble… Very weird and funny

1- Turkish Crocodile Dance – The Brother with pink shirt and the Beat

Some people born with a gift of talent. And this guy gifted with dancing talent. This video is one of his dancing performances and it is kind of ‘Disco Beat’ the poor opponent can nothing to do against the pink shirt guy’s incredible performance. The old guy even tries to reproduce his figures but his fail is epic, he  crawls on the floor.

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