The Top 15 Most Followed Turkish Accounts on Instagram

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Here we are again in front of you with a list of the most popular Turkish Instagram accounts.

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With around 1bn monthly active users, Instagram is a massive platform and hugely popular all over the world. With the rise of influencers, people can even make a living there (or at least get some free stuff).

Scroll down to discover the top 15 accounts, ranging from soccer players to musicians to actresses and actors of Turkey. But most importantly, the list you are about to amuse is the latest one! We have prepared this list in accordance with the latest follower numbers on Instagram. So, take your seat, make yourself at home and get ready to enjoy learning the most popular Turkish phenomenons on Instagram!

15. Sinem Kobal (5.3m Followers)

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🌸 ☕️

A post shared by Sinem Kobal (@sinemkobal) on

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Here we go with the 15th place of our list. So, Sinem Kobal is one of the most beautiful women in Turkey. With her natural blonde beauty, she made every man be in love with herself in her age. And especially with her first and most important debut in Selena Turkish TV series in 2006. In this fictional and surrealistic TV show, she was acting as a non-human angel-like magician woman.

Sinem Kobal is a model and actress. She married the handsome and talented model and actor Kenan Imırzalıoglu on May 14, 2016.

14. Barış Arduç (5.5m Followers)

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A post shared by Barış Arduç (@arducbrs) on

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So, Barış Arduç has famed as a man leading roles in Turkish televisions. So that we had also prepared an article as Barış Arduç — A Dedicated Star with a Golden Heart. You should take a look at our article in order to get to know more about him!

In the meantime, he has been playing in Kuzgun – Raven Turkish TV series. Furthermore, the TV series is one of the most popular ones on Turkish televisions.

13. Arda Turan (6.3m Followers)

Arda Turan is undoubtedly one of the most talented football players ever! Moreover, maybe the most popular one around the world as well. After having been playing in Galatasaray for years, Barcelona transferred him and thus, he reached world-wide fame as a Turkish football player. However, after having some troubles with the Turkish National Football Team’s director Fatih Terim, he left the national team. So now, he plays in a local football team in Turkey’s Super League.

Above all, he is the only one on this list whose follower’s number has decreased, instead of increasing!

12. İrem Derici (6.5m Followers)

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🧏🏻‍♀️ Fotoğraf: @muratpalaz

A post shared by İrem Derici (@iremderici) on

As for the 12th place of our list, the credit goes to successful and funny Turkish pop-music singer İrem Derici. She is amusing, simple and a successful celebrity of Turkey. On the other hand, she is an important social media influencer with more than 6.5 followers on Instagram!

11. Elçin Sangu (6.7m Followers)

As for the next, we have Elçin Sangu, the cute actress of Turkish series.

Sangu has a pretty typical Instagram account. For example, lots of selfies, along with shots from photoshoots and her attending events. She also uses it to tease new content and announcements as demonstrated above.

10. Neslihan Atagül (8.1m Followers)

What an enchanted beauty she has, doesn’t she! Certainly, Neslihan Atagül is one of the top beautiful women of Turkey. In spite of her young age, she became a famous and popular actress for Turkish TV series and movies.

In addition to that, she is married to her colleague Kadir Doğulu on July 8, 2016.

9. Demet Akalın (8.5m Followers)

So, we are getting closer to the most one’s step by step. Therefore, the excitement is also rising! Demet Akalın takes her place as the 9th. She is an old model and has been performing as a singer. What’s more, she is married and the mother of a daughter.

8. Serenay Sarıkaya (8.6m Followers)

Isn’t she so gorgeous? We kinda hearing you saying “yes”! As the actress and model and brand face of some clothing brands, she is definitely a brightening celebrity in Turkey. Although she is so successful as an actress, her first fame comes from a beauty contest when she was 15. So, keep an eye on her!

7. Fahriye Evcen (8.9m Followers)

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A post shared by Fahriye Evcen Özçivit (@evcenf) on

Despite only making it this far on the list, Fahriye Evcen is arguably the biggest star on Instagram (She is also the most famous celebrity character on our website!). She once held the top spot for a most-liked Instagram post, while she has numerous entries in the top 20 as we speak.

Her account itself focuses on her work and personal life, with lots of baby pics and photos with her partner. Fahriye Evcen is married to one of the most handsome men in Turkey, Burak Özçivit. And attention, they are waiting for a baby girl!

6. Murat Boz (9.9m Followers)

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Sonbahar-Kış @avvaofficial

A post shared by Murat Boz (@muratboz) on

A regular fixture in the most liked Instagram posts list is musician and actor Murat Boz.

His account is the usual pop star fare of selfies, herself at events, pictures of his friends, but it also includes a few political posts around subjects like Turkey’s political situations.

5. Hadise (10.3m Followers)

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🖤 #tbt

A post shared by Hadise (@hadise) on

We are in the last corner of our list with Hadise. When the subject comes to Hadise, you can’t just past without talking about how sexy she is. Indisputably, Hadise is one of the most famous stars of Turkey. And the beautiful singer proves it with more than 10 million followers on Instagram.

4. Hande Erçel (11.1m Followers)

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A post shared by Hande Erçel (@handemiyy) on

Hande Erçel is also another famous Turkish celebrity who took her place on our website. You can read a detailed article about Hande Erçel here. The beautiful actress and model Hande Erçel’s enchanted career story started with a beauty contest. And afterwards, Turkish and foreign audience has begun hearing her name quite often on media. Nowadays, she has been preparing for her new role in a new Turkish TV series Azize – The Saint.

We wish all the best for this young actress for the following career.

3- Czn Burak – Burak Ozdemir (12m Followers)

With his extraordinary cooking talent, uncommon and funny videos with foods, and huge portions of traditional Turkish cuisine, Czn Burak (Burak Özdemir) is an indisputable Instagram phenomenon! So much so that he even left behind Turkish celebrities from a range of singers, actors and actresses to football players, politicians etc.

Above all, you can also see his name on our list of The Best 13 Turkish Chefs on Instagram. Let’s not forget to specify that he especially became famous thanks to his unique smiling face.

2. Burak Özçivit (13.5m Followers)

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#yıldızgibigiyin @altinyildizclassics

A post shared by Burak Özçivit (@burakozcivit) on

Here we go with maybe the most handsome man of Turkey: Burak Özçivit. We also frequently give a place to him on our website in different articles.

Burak Özçivit used to be a successful model and owes his fame to several beauty contests both in Turkey and the world. He, later on, started taking place on television with several TV series projects. By the way, he was in the first line of this list before Nusret Gökçe (nusr—et) took his throne from his hands. But Burak Özçivit is still the most popular man on Instagram.

1. Nusr—et – Nusret Gökçe (23.8m Followers)

Nusret, or better known as Salt Bae, is a Turkish butcher, chef and restaurateur. Since he has international fame, curiosity on him is increasing. After having a difficult life, he is now a phenomenon around the world. Afterwards, Gökçe became more widely known through a series of viral Internet videos and memes from January 2017 which show him “suavely” cutting meat and sprinkling salt.

His fame came from a viral video, “Ottoman Steak”, posted on 7 January 2017 on his restaurant’s Twitter account. So, the video was viewed 10 million times on Instagram, and after which he was dubbed “Salt Bae”. Because of his peculiar way of sprinkling salt: dropping it from his fingertips to his forearm, and then falling onto the dish. Due to the viral exposure gained from this post, Gökçe’s profile has expanded enormously. Furthermore, he has served a wide range of celebrities and politicians from around the world.

Finally, with 23.8 million followers on Instagram, he definitely deserves the first place of our list.

So, we have just arrived at the end of our list. We would appreciate if you share your comments below! Enjoy the article and have a nice weekend to all!





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