The Three Tenors of Turkey, Three Sopranos Bring Polyphony to Stage

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The Three Tenors band was founded 12 years ago to bring opera and polyphony to a broader audience in Turkey. And the band performed their first concert 10 years ago. So, it will bring their works together for art lovers both at home and abroad.

The Three Tenors band consists of Şenol Talınlı, Ayhan Uştuk, and Aykut Çınar. Aykut Çınar, in the meantime, serves as soloists at the Ankara State Opera and Ballet (ADOB). They performed their first concert on Sept. 28, 2008, at the ADOB Opening Concert under the baton of famous conductor Gürer Aykal. The band enriched Turkey’s cultural world and offers some unforgettable memories to the audience.

Wide Repertoire of The Three Tenors Band

They perform concerts together with the State Symphony Orchestras and Opera Orchestras. Further, they make the performance real under the direction of leading conductors such as Aykal, Rengim Gökmen, Antonio Pirolli, Naci Özgüç, İbrahim Yazıcı, Bujor Hoinic, and Oğuzhan Balcı. Thus, the Three Tenors band has a wide repertoire ranging from classical to folk songs.

The Three Tenors Band at Various Events

The band has performed concerts at various events, such as Bodrum Music Festival, Mersin International Music Festival, Side Festival, and Bellapais Spring Music Festival. Moreover, they also performed at Middle East Technical University (METU) Culture and Arts Festival and the Çanakkale Choirs Festival. Hence, the band has reached a broad audience in Turkey.

In addition to these concerts performed with big orchestras, the Three Tenors have also performed concerts accompanied by small orchestras and pianos. They, moreover, appeared in many televised interviews and live concert broadcasts.

More than 200 Concerts So Far

Working within the ADOB Directorate, the Three Tenors have performed a repertoire consisting of arias, Neapolitans, Azeri songs, tangos, and folk songs. The band displayed its performances in over 200 concerts so far. The ensemble aims to popularize opera and classical music by singing in polyphonic arrangements.

What does The Three Tenors Aim?

On the other hand, the Three Sopranos group, consisting of Turkey’s successful sopranos Funda Ateşoğlu, Çiğdem Önol, and Esin Talınlı, has another aim. They also aim to popularize polyphonic music among children, young people, and large audiences. What’s more, they also wish to introduce the art of opera with their rich and unique repertoire.

The Three Sopranos band performed its first concert at the ADOB’s Gala Concert in 2010. The band has been invited to many international meetings and festival openings so far. On the other hand, Three Sopranos consists of singers who have been successful in both Turkish and world stages, each with a unique timbre.

Music has never been such a quality.
Music has never been such a quality.

The Most Important Concerts of the Band

There are many concerts where the ensemble has performed popular works from Turkey and across the world. But among them, the most important one is the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival Promotion Concert. We can also number Three BasVoice Concert at the Sixth Phaselis Festival. The Wagner Festival Concert in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek is also one of the important ones. All concerts, by the way, were held for Turkey’s U.N. Security Council candidacy for temporary membership and relevant promotional activities.

Aspendos Festival Promotion Concert was a concert with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra and Bülent Bezdüz in 2018 at Ankara Arena. In the concert, there were 13,000 listeners. Meanwhile, the Three Tenors band performed in Cyprus as well as in Eskişehir, Antalya, and Bursa provinces. Another one was in Komotini, Greece in 2019.

Busy Schedule of the Three Tenors Band

The Three Tenors band has performed concerts in many cities, universities, festivals, and aid organizations across Turkey. However, Ateşoğlu, Önol, and Talınlı also continue their individual concerts at home and abroad. In addition to all, they are also serving as soloists at the Ankara State Opera and Ballet.

The Three Tenors and Three Sopranos continue to perform concerts as part of the program of the ADOB. All the concerts are organized in accordance with the hygiene and social distancing rules amid COVID-19. So, a new audience seating and orchestra arrangement accompanies the events and concerts.

Next Concert of The Three Sopranos

The Three Sopranos’ next concert is going to take place for Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. at the ADOB Stage. And the Three Tenors will also perform next Wednesday, Sept. 30 at 8 p.m. on the same stage.

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