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The Official Video of Hadise’s Eurovision Song “Düm Tek Tek” Released

The official video for” Düm Tek Tek” was released yesterday. The video was directed by Metin Arolat for TRT (Turkish Radio Television ). But before TRT’s launch video was released, and the speculation was that “TRT found the video extremely erotic for its broadcasting policy. Here is the video;

Hadise Offical 2009 Eurovision Video
by Storm_ett

Well the videos is almost too sexy but, before the selection of Hadise for representing Turkey for Eurovision 2009, the negotiations was very free for her. As we expected the video is nice, but TRT found it erotic and according to the newspapers(Vatan) TRT demanded to edit the video and cut of the extremely erotic scenes, but Hadse, her manager and the director are not pleased because the pre-negotiations they gave the warranty  to be free. Hadise showed the video of her performance in the  Belgium concert, and said those are the clothes that i will wear,is there ant problem about that ? The answer from TRT was,” Wear whatever you like,the important thing for us is  you to feel comfortable in your costume”.

But after watching this video TRT is not pleased, and  their decision is not clear yet.
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