The Flying Bedroom: Turkish Paraglider Hasan Kaval in the Sky with an Airbed

The flying bedroom news has become viral all around the world which covers a crazy Turkish paraglider with an “airbed” in the sky. According to the news of Reuters, an international news organization, we witnessed the Turkish paraglider in the sky! The Turkish paraglider Hasan Kaval made this experience real just like he did several crazy experiments before. He is both a Turkish paraglider and a well-known YouTuber. So, he took a 15-minute nap on a literal “airbed”.

Airbed is the new fashion for paragliding. (Image
Airbed is the new fashion for paragliding. (Image

Hasan Kaval, as we stated, is a successful Turkish paraglider. Furthermore, he is also a popular and well-known Turkish Youtuber. This was his latest stunt in which he took a 15-minute nap on a literal “airbed”. The Turkish paraglider completed his exciting “journey” with a lamp, table, and alarm clock.

Flying Bedroom in the Sky

After a 15-minutes of a refreshing journey in the sky, he enjoyed a smooth landing. However, he surprised very much nearby beachgoers. The video of the Turkish Paraglider in the sky has been watched almost 90 thousand times so far.

Previous Flying Item: The Flying Sofa!

This glorious experiment in the sky was not the first extraordinary attempt of Hasan Kaval. The Turkish paraglider had already reached popularity with his several tries. The previous one was flying with a sofa by sitting on it and eating junk foods. It was also a 15-minute journey just like the latest one. He made both of these unforgettable take-offs in Antalya-Alanya, one of the most significant touristic attractions in Turkey.

The stunt has become viral in the world. (Image Credit-LatestLY)
The stunt has become viral in the world. (Image Credit-LatestLY)

“Backgammon Party in The Sky”

Previously, the Turkish paraglider Hasan Kaval and Turkish Youtuber Alper Rende had played backgammon accompanied by coffee. By doing so, they enjoyed their time in the air. He said, “We took the cafe atmosphere and social distancing to new heights during the pandemic. No Virus at all :) Vol.2. Vol.1 will be on air soon.”

Hasan Kaval gives a backgammon party in the sky with another Turkish YouTuber.
Hasan Kaval gives a backgammon party in the sky with another Turkish YouTuber.

Who is Hasan Kaval Anyways?

Hasan Kaval is 29 years old. He is from Izmir, Turkey, and is a paragliding instructor and self-described “couch potato”. He has combined his two passions by taking his TV and couch to the skies.

The incredible footage shows Hasan Kaval soaring above the sea off the coast of Ölüdeniz, southwest Turkey. He seems remarkably relaxed, putting on his slippers, eating chips, enjoying a drink, and watching TV.


The flying sofa Hasan Kaval. (Image
The flying sofa Hasan Kaval. (Image

Hasan Kaval told that he only spent 3 days preparing for this stunt and there was no test flight. He was just bold enough to make the flying bedroom true, and it worked, anyways. He also did not get permission from the local government. The 29-year-old Hasan carried out the unusual stunt on July 2, 2020. Some people have applauded Hasan for his creativity and fearlessness, while others deemed it irresponsible and dangerous. But since performing this stunt, he has been seen and talked about on youtube & websites all over the world. If you want millions around the world to notice you nowadays, you have to do something over the top. This is because so many people trying to be social media stars.

FACTS about Hasan Kaval and the Flying Bedroom

  • Hasan Kaval has been a paragliding instructor for 10 years
  • Total flight time from start to finish was 30 minutes
  • Total height after takeoff was 2,000 meters or 6,561 feet
  • Hasan Kaval only spent 3 days preparing for this stun with no test flight
  • The area was the coast of Ölüdeniz (The Dead Sea), Southwest Turkey

So, what do you think about this stunt? Do you think it is a funny experience, or is it dangerous and irresponsible? Finally, please share opinions with us below in the comment section.

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