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The Endless Patara Beach, The Beach of Cleopatra

Patara Beach Patara Beach, the longest beach in Mediterranean is located near Kalkan/Antalya.

The beach became very popular in recent years, at most among Russian tourists. It’s lenght is 18 kilometers and the sea is not so deep indeed for 150-200 meters from the shore.

The best thing is, this clean water and silky sand feels like more than a sunbath. The sand is perfect with it’s tiny particles.

Historicaly Patara is the place where Santa Clause aka Saint Nichola was born and Roman god Apollo was believed to be born.

In past two years Russian tourists are in a run into Patara, windsurfing and other actions are attracting people.

Antalya is the center of the Mediterranean tourism, if you are planning to sprend your Holiday in Antalya you should see and enjoy The Patara Beach.

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