The Easiest Way to Make Turkish Yoghurt at Home

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Turkish yoghurt is an indispensable flavour of Turkish tables. You can see Turkish people having creamy yoghurt in every meal in a day. At breakfast, lunch and especially dinner yoghurt is welcomed with gratitude by Turkish fellows.

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So, here in this post, we are going to tell you how to make Turkish yoghurt at your home in the easiest way! Thus, prepare yourself to be the chef for your own yoghurt!

It is very easy to make your own yoghurt at home.
It is very easy to make your own yoghurt at home.

How to Make Home-Made Yoghurt?

For the basic ingredient for yoghurt, you will need;

  • 4 cups (1 Lt) homogenized milk
  • 2 tablespoonfuls plain yoghurt
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You can use homogenized milk to make your own yoghurt. But if you think it is too fatty for you, you can use any kind. Making yoghurt is very easy anyway! Boil the milk first, then put aside until lukewarm. The best and traditional way to measure the temperature of the milk is to dip your pinkie in it. It should be warm but shouldn’t burn.

Steps to Make Yoghurt at Home

Spread a thick towel out over your kitchen counter. Put the warm milk into a clean bowl with a lid and place it on the towel. Put 2 tablespoonfuls of yoghurt and mix well to ferment the new yoghurt. Make sure they’re mixed very well. Cover with the lid. Then cover the bowl with the towel. If it is winter, the yoghurt will be done within 8 hours, otherwise, during the summer, it’ll take 6 hours. Turkish people generally ferment their yoghurt after dinner or before going to bed. The following morning the yoghurt is ready and so, you can place it in the fridge. Keep it in the fridge for a day.

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You'll need only milk and a spoon of yoghurt for a tasty home-made one!
You’ll need only milk and a spoon of yoghurt for a tasty home-made one!

You will find many Turkish recipes with yoghurt as the main ingredient or as a side dish to make soups, desserts, and our favourite drink Ayran. If you like, you can add honey or your favourite jam to give it some flavour. Or just toss some fresh fruit on it, it is perfectly healthy and delicious. Yoghurt with honey or icing sugar is quite favourable and delicious! You should also try yoghurt with some chunks of bread (Turkish, French or Italian style), it’s great for lunch.

You can gain plenty of different flavours with yoghurt.
You can gain plenty of different flavours with yoghurt.

A Little Bit of Information About Yoghurt

About a thousand years ago, Central Asian Turks were the first to make Yogurt. As it was first spreading into Europe, people used this dairy product for therapeutic purposes. The word comes from the Turkish word “yoğurt”, deriving from the verb “yoğurtmak”. It means “to blend” – a reference to how yoghurt is made. You can consume yıghurt as plain or as a side dish or to make soups, desserts, sauce, to marinate meat and it is a big part of Turkish Cuisine. You can’t find a Turkish house without yoghurt.

Flavours such as ayran and cacık are made of yoghurt.
Flavours such as ayran and cacık are made of yoghurt.

You should eat yoghurt every day, at least one cup :) Yogurt has beneficial bacteria, calcium and protein. We believe yoghurt cleanses the body from toxins and poisons.

How to Make Creamy (Strained) Yogurt

As for making creamy yoghurt, then place a strainer with a paper towel on top over a bowl. Later on, place some yoghurt on it and fold the edges of the paper towel over the yoghurt. Leave in the fridge overnight. Thus, you’ll have creamy yoghurt waiting in the morning.

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