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The death scene of Şehzade(Prince) Mustafa

Şehzade Mustafa Death Scene

Last week in Magnificent Century the historical tragedy of Prince Mustafa(şehzade Mustafa) was shown.

Şehzade Mustafa role was played by Mehmet Günsur

Şehzade Mustafa role was played by Mehmet Günsur

Prince Mustafa was the first son of Suleiman the Magnificent, and had a dramatic death, he was executed by his father’s order.

The popular Turkish tv series, Magnificent Century showed this sad event in its last episode. The scene was very dramatic and made the viewers vey sad.

It was not fictional, Suleiman the Magnificent was influenced from Hurrem Sultan and other followers and saw Şehzade Mustafa as a threat to his authority and thought that he will get him down and sit to the throne.

One day he ordered to bring Şehzade Mustafa to is pavilion, Mustafa’s friends warned him that this was a trap for him. But he did not listen, went to his father Magnificent Suleiman’s pavilion and tried to explain everything. But he figured that his father decided to execute him, six deaf and  mute hangman attacked him suddenly, Prince Mustafa was a very strong man, he fought with the hangmen get them down and tried to escape,  he was just about to get out but bad luck, his feet was stumbled and he felt down, hangmen attacked again and choked him. This was one of the epic tragedies of Ottoman Dynasty.

 Here you may watch the death scene of Prince Mustafa

2 thoughts on “The death scene of Şehzade(Prince) Mustafa”

  1. All of those that killed,Mahidevran killed,Roxalena killed,why couldn't they live in peace. very malicious people May they all burn in hell except for Mustafa. Suleiman shame on you may or remorse still eat you in hell.

  2. I wish Hürrem and Suleiman had gotten brutally abused for what they did to Mustafa. Hürrem deserves to get her breasts and vagina cut and Suleiman deserves to get his penis cut off. They’re burning in hell now. I wish Hürrem had died when she was a baby.

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