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The 14 Newest and The Best Turkish TV Series in 2020-21

The popularity of Turkish TV series has increased with rapid pace in the last few years. The main reason for this quick-popularity is international streaming. Moreover, Turkish dramas are being dubbed to on-air at local television of UAE, India, Saudi Arabi and Pakistan. However, hardcore fans could prefer to watch them with English subtitle as well. So, in this article, Do You Know Turkey is going to share recent and high-rated Turkish drama series with you.

Turkey is globally the second highest exporter of TV series abroad after the United States. Furthermore, it plans to reach $2 billion from exporting cultural products by 2023. The industry has boosted over the last decade and ‘The Magnificent Century‘ has probably played the biggest role in this success. And with the rise of numbers of Turkish series on internet platforms such as Netflix, popularity spread also Western countries.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best Turkish TV series and drama in 2020. You will love our list!

14- Mucize Doktor – Miracle Doctor

Mucize Doktor - Miracle Doctor Turkish TV Series.
Mucize Doktor – Miracle Doctor Turkish TV Series.

Ali Vefa is a genius young man. However, he has a savant and autism syndrome. The little Ali grew up with sadnesses and otherization due to his difference. And especially after he lost his one and only beloved older brother in an accident, life just got harder for him.

He grew up in orphanages because his father disowned Ali. He graduated from the medical faculty with the first degree. After that, he started working as an assistant surgeon. It is possible to witness a successful change of Taner Ölmez (acted as Ali Vefa)’s character. This might be the most important reason for the series’ success.

13- Şampyion – The Champion

Şampiyon - The Champion
Şampiyon – The Champion

The series tells the story of an experienced boxer with a 5-year-old boy. This character was a daughter first but then producers have changed it.

The Champion Turkish TV series is about the struggle to return to the rings for Güneş (played by Emir Özyakışır), the son of former champion boxer Fırat Bölükbaşı (played by Tolgahan Sayışman). The nickname of the former champion boxer is Caucasian.

The Turkish TV drama began on September 12, 2019. The TV series is aired every Thursday on TRT 1 channel at 20.00 Istanbul Time.

12- Güvercin – The Pigeon

Güvercin - The Pigeon
Güvercin – The Pigeon

Zülüf (played by Almila Ada) is waiting for death in a blind well on the peaks of mountains. The well is desolating one which no one knows where it is. She is in 7 times deep of the ground just like a Gypsy girl. However, a young man saves Zülüf from the darkest place. And once she learns who her saver is, Zülüf is going to have her biggest trauma ever in her life. So, her saver is Kenan (played by Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu), who is another leading role of the series.

You can watch the series on Star TV.

11- Ramo – An Underground Story

Ramo - An Underground Story
Ramo – An Underground Story

While Yılmaz Şahin is writing the screenplay, Yağız Alp Akaydın is sitting in the director’s chair. On the other hand, BKM Production prepared this ambitious series for Show TV.

The leading roles of the series are Murat Yildirim and Esra Bilgiç. And, some of the other main characters of Ramo Turkish TV series are İlker AksumYiğit ÖzşenerGörkem SevindikIdil FiratCemre Bayselİlhan ŞenSacide Tasaner and Macit Koper. The series, which took place in Adana, depicts the story of the extraordinary life of Ramo. Ramo, who played by Murat Yıldırım, rebelled against his master. Thus, the deep conflict on the axis of family, justice, revenge, friendship and love reveals. 

you can watch the series on Show TV, which is the official broadcaster. The series is going to be on the screens every Tuesday at 20.00, with Istanbul time. But, you can also follow the series via Youtube when you miss the episodes.

10- Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir – My Home

Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir – My Home
Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir – My Home

This is the story of a young man Mehdi (İbrahim Çelikkol) who grew up in the slums. And the girl Zeynep (Demet Özdemir), who lived all her life in luxury. However, this truth did not make her happy, rather the opposite. This is a story about how childhood and youth shape the character of a person. The main say of the series is that you belong to your home, the place where you come from. There will be love, betrayal, a psychiatric clinic, luxurious life and poverty in the series. We will learn very soon whether the Turkish audience accepts the “queen of the romcoms” in the new role of the tragic heroine, or not. The premiere of the series is scheduled for early 2020 on TV8.

9- Alef – Aleph

Alef - Aleph
Alef – Aleph

The story of ALEF comprises of two detectives in Istanbul. These two detectives try to solve the secrets of two homicides that revealed with the exploring a corpse which was founded in the depth of Istanbul’s Bosphorus. The mini-internet series ALEF contains trails from Ottoman and Islam History. In addition to that, mystic, authentic and Sufistic elements are also taking place as main items at the background. Kenan İmirzalıoğlu is acting as Kemal and he is a young and ambitious detective. Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, on the other hand, is acting as Settar and he is an old and very experienced detective. This duo is completely different than each other concerning their personalities but at the same time, they work very harmoniously.

8- Hekimoğlu – The Adaptation of World-Famous Doctor

Hekimoğlu is the Adaptation of World-Famous Doctor
Hekimoğlu is the Adaptation of World-Famous Doctor

Dr Ateş Hekimoğlu is a lame man because of a sickness he went through when he was a little child. He is now at the age of 40s. The doctor, one of the best doctors of Turkey, is stolid with the life and disrespectful to his patients. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t want to interested in his patients, just because of that he lives his life like a nomad!

Hospital-based Turkish TV series are on demand! After the great success of Miracle Doctor, the new doctor-based TV series is on screen! Hekimoğlu Turkish medical drama, the remake of the successful American House series which ran for 8 seasons, is now on Turkish broadcaster Kanal D screens.

7- Zalim İstanbul – Ruthless City

Zalim İstanbul - Ruthless City
Zalim İstanbul – Ruthless City

In the series, you will watch a struggle for existence from Antakya to Istanbul. Agah Karaçay (played by Fikret Kuşkan) is one of the giants of the logistics sector. Furthermore, he is also from Antakya city, and this relationship will take everyone to a new test. The main slogan of the series is “Nobody is innocent of sin without being tested”. The broadcaster of the series is Kanal D.

5- Tutunamayanlar – The Disconnected

Tutunamayanlar - The Disconnected
Tutunamayanlar – The Disconnected

TRT-1, the Turkish State Broadcaster, is before the audience with a new absurd comedy series. Tarık (Doğu Demirkol), who has never worked and has no intention to work during his life. However, one day he falls in love with İrem (Ece Çeşmioğlu), who comes from a very wealthy family. Nevertheless, she loses everything because of his father’s wrong attempts. İrem now has no place to go and so, she arrives at the neighbourhood to where Tarık invited. Later on, she starts to work in the book cafe in the neighbourhood. The dream of İrem is to be successful, start her own business and return to her old brighten days one day.

4- Kuruluş: Osman – The Founder: Ottoman

Kuruluş: Osman - The Founder: Ottoman
Kuruluş: Osman – The Founder: Ottoman

The continuation of Diriliş: Ertuğrul – Resurrection: Ertuğrul TV series is on A TV, a Turkish broadcaster! Resurrection: Ertuğrul was an epic TV show. Moreover, it was a legendary historical TV series as you can read our article about. In this respect, we can tell that the demand for historical TV series is going on!

The historical TV series is on ATV. You can watch the series every Wednesday at 20.00. You can also follow Kuruluş Osmanlı – The Ottoman Turkish TV series on its official page at ATV. Kuruluş Osmanlı – The Ottoman Turkish TV show is available to reach through its social media accounts.

3- Babil – The Choice

Babil - The Choice
Babil – The Choice

Babil – The Choice is by far the one of the best series in Turkish televisions. The series has reached a wide range of fans in Turkey in only three episodes. With its touching story to social inequalities, the series is a candidate to be a phenomenon.

The story of the series turns around İrfan (Halit Ergenç). Halit Ergenç (acted as İrfan) is an economics professor in a university in Istanbul. His life turns up and down because he is wrongly fired from his job. Moreover, his 7-year-old son Beren Kasımoğluları (acted as Deniz) has a fatal sickness which requires a great amount of money for the treatment. So, he asks for help from her wife’s childhood friend Ozan Güven (acted as Egemen). His wife, by the way, is Nur Fettahoğlu (acted as Eda). This chain of coincidences wafts him into a dark adventure.

2- Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Rise of Empires: Ottoman
Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Excitement peaks! After Hakan: The Protector and the second Netflix original series of Turkey Atiye – The Gift, Turkish and foreigner audience are now preparing to welcome the new Turkish alike production. The new series of Netflix is a documentary-series. So, it has already caused great attention all around the world.

First of all, the name of the series is Rise of Empires: Ottoman. And the was released in English language, unlike Atiye – The Gift. Furthermore, differ from previous Turkish originals on Netflix, Rise of Empire: Ottoman is a documentary series. However, the series will also contain fiction elements, which will potentially make the series more interesting and exciting.

Rise of Empire: Ottoman documentary series consists of 6 episodes. Each episode is 40-45 minutes. On the other hand, as Netflix announced that the broadcasting time is January 24th.

1- Atiye – The Gift

Atiye - The Gift
Atiye – The Gift

As we remarked before, Atiye – The Gift is the second Turkish original production of Netflix. So, we have long been waiting for the start of the first season. And it finally began on 27 December 2019, just right before the beginning of the new year.

The main character, Beren Saat acted as Atiye, is a painter, and she is free and quite commanding. She has always been drawing the same symbol since she was a child. Although she’s curious, she didn’t poke the situation. She lives the kind of life many people can’t even dream of. For instance, she has a rich and handsome lover, an insect but fun sister and a father who is fond of his daughter. The only pointed corner of this family is Atiye’s mother, but Atiye somehow learned to deal with it.

In short, as you can see, Turkish TV series sector is preparing for the new season with many assertive productions. Enjoy and do not forget to share your comment for which one your favourite is.

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