Turkish Poached Egg (Çılbır) | Today’s Mouthwatering Recipe from Turkish Cuisine

Turkish poached egg with yoghurt

With today’s recipe, we are going to blow your mind! Turkish poached egg (“Çılbır” in Turkish), which probably you have never heard before, is something you will try at your home. For çilbir, pronounced “chulburr”, is a revelation and a complete sensation. If you can’t get the Aleppo pepper, also known as pul biber or … Read more

Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci are on the Cover of World’s Leading Time Magazine

The husband-and-wife scientists are both immigrated to Germany from Turkey

As Turkish people who both live in Turkey and abroad, we are proud of two eminent Turkish scientists. With the news of Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci featuring on the cover of the world’s leading magazine TIME, we have walked on air! The husband-and-wife scientists had developed the Covid-19 vaccine towards the end … Read more

10 Most Popular Street Foods of Turkey That You Would Regret Not to Taste

Simit is among Turkey internationally known streets

Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has recently listed the 10 best Turkish street foods. As you all know well enough, the country has quite a rich gastronomy culture. Yet, when it comes to delicious, mouth-watering street foods, there are even more. The list offers a lot. Even though you are already familiar with some … Read more

Recipe of the Day: Poğaça, Stuffed Turkish Bread Rolls

Poğaça is an indispensible component of Turkish breakfast. (Image Credit-Chicago Tribune)

We claim here that they are Turkish but, of course, pretty much every country in this region claims to own it: poğaça! You can buy these at every pastry shop or street vendor in Turkey. It offers you many different options with fillings ranging from minced meat and potatoes to cheese and herbs. When made … Read more

What to Buy from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar: 10 Great Things to Make Your Loved Ones Very Happy

Istanbul's Grand Baazar offers you a great number of opportunity to buy gifts for you and your loved ones. (Image Credit-Istanbul.com)

Here today we are going to give you some advices on “What to buy from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar?“. We assure you in advance that the list below which consists of 10 incredibly beautiful items will both amuse you and your loved ones. So, if you somehow happened in Turkey, Istanbul, and visit the historic Grand … Read more

Istanbul’s Bosporus: The Magical Beauty with Turquoise Color

Istanbul's Bosporus with fascinating turquoise color. (Daily Sabah)

Istanbul’s Bosporus waters’ color has recently turned into mesmerizing turquoise. This fascinating geographical incident has drawn great attention in Turkey. However, due to coronavirus curfews, people in Istanbul couldn’t enjoy this rare occasion. Istanbul has one of the most fascinating natural geographical beauties in the world. This magical beauty is, of course, Bosporus, which is … Read more

A Very Traditional Turkish Dessert — Şekerpare (Turkish Semolina Cookies with Syrup)

Sekerpare is a very loved, traditional and delicious Turkish dessert.

Sekerpare is a very loved, traditional and delicious Turkish dessert. In Turkey, you can come across with this crunchy dessert in every Turkish home. What’s more, you can find Sekerpare in bakeries and patisseries, as well. Meanwhile, we call it as pastane all around in Turkey. So, sekerpare is a semolina based national favourite dessert … Read more

Turkish Revani – Semolina Cake: The Most Popular Turkish Food According to Google Rising Research Trends 2019

Turkish Revani - A deliciously moist semolina cake is a very delicious Turkish dessert.

In last weeks, Google announced the rising research trends in Turkey. Among several categories, “Food Category” maybe the most interesting one. What’s more, the most delicious one, too. So, Turkish Revani is a dessert with a deliciously moist semolina cake. And it became the most-searched Turkish flavour. Moist semolina sponge cake in lighter syrup has … Read more

Everything About Turkish Tea and The Best Way to Make at Home

Drinking a glass of Turkish tea with the view of Bosphorus is always on the top of to-do list.

The journey of tea dates back to thousands of years ago. From China to the former British Kingdom (The Kingdom where the sun never down), tea has become the main guest of traditional cuisines of many countries. So same for the Turkish cuisine. When we talk about Turkish Tea, we most generally refer to strong … Read more