Cem Yılmaz’s Phenomenon Cinema Character “Erşan Kuneri” will be Adapted to the Internet Series

1970's erotic movies director Erşan Kuneri

Cem Yılmaz, the most famous Turkish comedian, is also a hit cinema producer with his phenomenon movies. And in addition to his hit movies, the Turkish comedian has also brought in some very phenomenon film characters into our life. So, here is the one: Erşan Kuneri. Turkey’s most famous Cem Yılmaz’s phenomenon cinema character Erşan … Read more

The 10 Best Turkish Movies Ever According to IMDb

The best Turkish movie ever and 5 generation in Turkey have grown up with this movie

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) has recently announced a list of the Best Turkish Movies ever in Turkish feature cinema history. However, surprisingly, well, not surprisingly for us, only two of the movies that entered the list are from the last 20 years. Other movies in the list are from the ’60s, ’70s, and 80’s Turkish … Read more

Postpartum of Sinem Kobal Fascinated Her Fans with Her Fit State

Pregnancy pose of Senim Kobal

Beautiful mother and the famous Turkish actress Sinem Kobal has recently shared pictures on her social media account. Her pictures after putting her daughter Lalin to sleep just fascinated her fans and followers! The fit state and beauty of the actress turned social media upside down! The Indescribable Happiness of Sinem Kobal The accomplished Turkish actor Kenan İmirzalıoğlu and her … Read more

An Adaptation from The 1977-Production Turkish Feature Film: Baraj — “Dam” Turkish TV Series

Baraj — Dam is a new Turkish TV drama starts on the 17th of March, on Tuesday.

We have gotten used to introduce you to Turkish series adapted from Korean or American original versions. But this time, we are before you with a different story! Today’s Turkish TV drama that we are about to introduce is again an adaptation. However, not from a foreign original, but from a Turkish feature film from … Read more