“Nights of Plague” (Veba Geceleri): A Shocking New Novel from Turkey’s Nobel Laureate Author Orhan Pamuk

Nights of Plague (Veba Geceleri), the last novel of Nobel-winning Turkish author Orhan Pamuk, was published as of March 2021

We have been keeping informing you for a long time about Turkish series, dramas, and more similar news. This is only because we know that you love those works and we also know that Turkey is satisfyingly good at it. However, we also know that you are familiar with Turkey’s Nobel-winning author Orhan Pamuk. So, … Read more

The Eminent Turkish Actor Buğra Gülsoy Proves Himself in Literature

The First Apocalypse-Where The Sun Goes Down. (Image Credit-7:24 Kültür Sanat)

The successful Turkish actor Buğra Gülsoy takes his chance in literature. The actor had published his first book in October 2019. Unexpectedly, the successful Turkish actor gained great success and collected a great deal of acclamation from some of the master novelists in Turkey. So, in the following months, we will be welcoming his second … Read more

Nobel Laureate Turkish Writer Orhan Pamuk Met His Readers in Istanbul

Nobel laureate Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk met his readers in Istanbul at a conference.

Orhan Pamuk is one of the most popular novelists in Turkey. Even though his wonderful talent for writing and picturing images into his works, he mostly owes this fame to the Novel Prize. So, the writer won the Nobel Literature Prize in 2006, and now his novels are available in more than 50 languages. However, … Read more