What is “Kabak Çiçeği Dolması” (Stuffed Zucchini Flower) and The Easiest Way to Make It at Your Home

Stuffed zucchini flowers or "çiçek dolması" are a great example of edible flowers in Turkey.

Stuffed zucchini flowers or “çiçek dolması” are a great example of edible flowers and one of Turkish people’s all-time favourite Turkish “meze” or starters. In Turkish cuisine, “dolma” means something stuffed, and “sarma” means something wrapped. Stuffed zucchini flowers have a light, delicate flavour and look stunning on any table. This delicacy is most common … Read more

The Easiest Way to Make Turkish Yoghurt at Home

Turkish yoghurt is an indispensable flavour of Turkish tables.

Turkish yoghurt is an indispensable flavour of Turkish tables. You can see Turkish people having creamy yoghurt in every meal in a day. At breakfast, lunch and especially dinner yoghurt is welcomed with gratitude by Turkish fellows. So, here in this post, we are going to tell you how to make Turkish yoghurt at your … Read more

A List for Turkish Flavours: Top 10 Most Common Used Ingredients in Turkish Cuisine

Indispensable Turkish ingredients you must use in your meals.

It is obvious that talking about Turkish cuisine is exciting! Just like Italian, Spanish or Chinese cuisines, Turkish cuisine is also one of the richest one in the world. So, we have been introducing you to the delicious members of Turkish flavour’s family. And for this purpose, we have prepared a list for you today … Read more

Recipe: Karnıyarık – Stuffed Eggplants With Ground Lamb, Tomatoes and Onions

Karnıyarık is a legacy of the Ottoman Palace kitchens.

This impressive dish is a legacy of the Ottoman Palace kitchens. And yet another of the imperial demands for ingenuity concerning the much-loved eggplant, or aubergine. It is for sure that you can find this dish wherever you go in Turkey! Though traditionally made with ground lamb, there are other ways, too. You may also … Read more

Arnavut Ciğeri: Turkish/Albanian Liver and Onions

Albanian or Turkish liver is a very popular meal in Turkey.

In Turkey, people call fried liver and onions as Arnavut Ciğeri (arna-VOOT’ JEE-air-EE’) or Albanian Liver. It is most likely a result of the years when the Ottoman Empire ruled Albania and much of Eastern Europe. No matter what the name is, this dish is very delicious. Its great taste and tenderness begin with the … Read more

Everything About Turkish Tea and The Best Way to Make at Home

Drinking a glass of Turkish tea with the view of Bosphorus is always on the top of to-do list.

The journey of tea dates back to thousands of years ago. From China to the former British Kingdom (The Kingdom where the sun never down), tea has become the main guest of traditional cuisines of many countries. So same for the Turkish cuisine. When we talk about Turkish Tea, we most generally refer to strong … Read more

A Wonderful and Delicious Recipe for Winter Season: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls – Lahana Sarması

You can surprise your guests with this easy and very delicious recipe of stuffed cabbage rolls.

Stuffed cabbage leaves is a highly preferable Turkish flavour during the cold winter months. The reason why the meal is very popular in the winter season is that it is healthy. Moreover, the winter season is the season for cabbage vegetables. So, we glad to welcome you to our Turkish table with a new recipe. … Read more