Spaghetti Recipe: A Tasty and Special Flavor for New Year’s Eve

You will love this delicious and easy-to-prepare recipe

This delightfully simple spaghetti recipe may take less than 30 minutes to prepare. However, it has full of flavor from the beautiful Mediterranean. Turkey is famous for its variety of cheese, Turkish cheeses, as we shared here before. But what’s more, the country also has succulent olives, fresh herbs, and sun-ripened tomatoes. So, all of which … Read more

The Guest of Every Meal in Turkey: Mixture of Vegetable and Egg — Turkish Menemen

Turkish omelette (Menemen) is a mixture of vegetable and egg.

As you all now know, breakfast is the most important part of the Turkish family meal. (You can check out our article on Turkish breakfast here.) Despite a rich culture in regional cuisine, that basic and super easy breakfast fare will surprise you. Moreover, it is a very common and standard dish all across the … Read more

The Delicious Turkish Şalgam Suyu

Şalgam juice is a popular beverage from Turkey’s southeastern region

Şalgam (SHAAL’- Gahm) juice is a popular beverage from Turkey’s southeastern region around the cities of Mersin and Adana. In the base of şalgam, there is a vegetable. Moreover, şalgam is a great example of Turkish regional cuisine. In Turkish, the word ‘şalgam’ means turnip, but this traditional drink is actually made from purple carrots, … Read more

Savory Turkish “Dolma” — Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe

Dolma — Stuffed Grape Leafs is a delicious flavour of Turkish cuisine consists of grape leafs and rice inside.

People from all around the world pleasantly eat and consume Dolmas. Dolma, which is also famous as stuffed grape leaves, dawali, and dolmades, has a lot of different variations. You can find in Mediterranean restaurants. However, instead of eating out for this healthy comfort food, you should definitely give a try. So, you must make it … Read more

Turkish Revani – Semolina Cake: The Most Popular Turkish Food According to Google Rising Research Trends 2019

Turkish Revani - A deliciously moist semolina cake is a very delicious Turkish dessert.

In last weeks, Google announced the rising research trends in Turkey. Among several categories, “Food Category” maybe the most interesting one. What’s more, the most delicious one, too. So, Turkish Revani is a dessert with a deliciously moist semolina cake. And it became the most-searched Turkish flavour. Moist semolina sponge cake in lighter syrup has … Read more

The Great Flavor Comes from Simplicity: Cornbread (Mısır Ekmeği)

Cornbread is a highly underrated side dish concerning its taste.

Cornbread is a highly underrated side dish. You can whip up this deliciously sweet and moist homemade cornbread recipe with just a few pantry staples. And so, it makes a perfect side dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! You can serve it slathered with butter at breakfast. What’s more, crumbled into your soup or chilli … Read more


Turkish soup is a main meal for Turkish dinner.

Soup has a special place in Turkish cuisine; thereby traditionally meals always start with a soup. For example, people who live in Turkey, hearty soup can be the main course itself with some nice crusty bread next to it. We give the recipe of this lovely Turkish vegetable soup with orzo pasta today and it … Read more