Dilan Çiçek Deniz: Turkish Television’s Beloved Actress Keeps Fascinating the Audience with Her Beauty and Acting

The attractive Turkish actress Dilan Çiçek Deniz

Formerly, a beauty pageant titleholder, then an indispensable Turkish actress on TV and recently on cinema, Dilan Çiçek Deniz keeps fascinating us! And with us, we mean, the Turkish audience. But what’s more, increasingly the world audience… The beautiful and talented Turkish actress has been steadily advancing on the career steps. With her latest role … Read more

Tolga Saritas: A Popular Turkish Actor or A Promising Musician?

The actor made his first debut in 2009 with a feature film

The famous Turkish actor Tolga Saritas has been recently one of the most active careers on Turkish television. The actor, who has been actively taking part in Turkish TV series and dramas since 2009, has been lately on the agenda with his influential role in Arıza. The series is a modern-day’s taxi driver story and … Read more

A Tragic Love Story Based on a Historical Tale: Ferhat ile Şirin — “Farhad and Shirin” Turkish TV Series

You will taste all in once the pain, happiness, hatred, passion, betrayal and vengeance of the love. Ferhat ile Şirin - Farhad and Shirin TV series

Here we are again with a new Turkish TV series which is going to begin very soon! What you are going to meet on the television is a legendary love story. But this time, this great love story will be retold as a modern fairytale. So, let’s dig right in the details of Ferhat ile … Read more

Söz – “The Oath” Series: Special Forces of Turkish Television

Söz – The Oath television series, started in April 2017, is a very popular action&drama tv show and still enjoying high ratings since its first episode. The story of Söz – The Oath of an elite military unit and the challenges of fighting terrorism and enemies of the public from the perspective of a soldier … Read more