Turkish Poached Egg (Çılbır) | Today’s Mouthwatering Recipe from Turkish Cuisine

Turkish poached egg with yoghurt

With today’s recipe, we are going to blow your mind! Turkish poached egg (“Çılbır” in Turkish), which probably you have never heard before, is something you will try at your home. For çilbir, pronounced “chulburr”, is a revelation and a complete sensation. If you can’t get the Aleppo pepper, also known as pul biber or … Read more

The Delicious Turkish Way to Cook Chicken Saute | Today’s Recipe

The most favorite dish of the Sultan was Chicken Saute

“Chicken Saute” is one of the favorite main dishes of Turkish cuisine. It is very easy and economical to prepare. It is made with chicken breast and many other ingredients that can add a different flavor to the dish. You may find chicken breast tasteless; however, the ingredients we are going to use will change … Read more

Spaghetti Recipe: A Tasty and Special Flavor for New Year’s Eve

You will love this delicious and easy-to-prepare recipe

This delightfully simple spaghetti recipe may take less than 30 minutes to prepare. However, it has full of flavor from the beautiful Mediterranean. Turkey is famous for its variety of cheese, Turkish cheeses, as we shared here before. But what’s more, the country also has succulent olives, fresh herbs, and sun-ripened tomatoes. So, all of which … Read more

Today’s Recipe | Grilled Aubergines with Spicy Chickpeas & Walnut Sauce

Today's recipe is grilled aubergines (eggplant)

Food enthusiasts and those who love to cook! Gather around! In today’s recipe, we are going to share with you a very healthy, veggie, and yet yummy flavor to cook. It is super easy to cook, what’s more, you can find the ingredient anywhere you think of! So, don’t worry! It is not a complex … Read more

Semolina Helva with Pine Nuts | Traditional Turkish Dessert

Semolina helva goes also very well with ice cream

Semolina Helva, or helva in general, (as it’s known in Turkey — halvas in Greece, halva in the Middle East, and halwa in India and Pakistan) is a group of desserts based on either starch like flour or semolina, or nuts like sesame seeds. Yet, the dessert is one of the most traditional Turkish desserts and it is … Read more

Corn Souffle Recipe: How to Cook & Make Corn Souffle Recipe

Corn souffle is a very delicious French dessert getting popular in Turkey

As our followers, you are already familiar with some of the famous members of Turkish cuisine. Corn souffle recipe is not among them, yet once you try, you will love its taste. The “Souffle” word, by the way, is derived from French. So, the word souffle, which originally comes from French, means “delicious” in English. … Read more