Quarantine Pillow Challenge is Now in Turkey

Quarantine Pillow Challenge has started in Turkey (Photo: Onedio)

Quarantine pillow challenge is now in Turkey! Challenges on through social media have keeping to shake the world for a while. World-famous celebrities who got bored due to the coronavirus quarantine initiate new “challenges” through several social media platforms. So, every day, a new challenge joins this trend. Here is the new one: Pillow challenge! … Read more

Best Turkish Dramas Ever to Watch During Covid-19 Quarantine

Explore the best Turkish dramas ever to watch during coronavirus quarantine. (Image Credit: Anadolu Agency).

Many people from all around the world have abided by calls for “stay home” because of coronavirus. Therefore, they have been seeking for solutions against boredom. And there are some solutions step forward among many others, —such as movies, series, and books. In this respect, as do you know turkey team, we have prepared a … Read more

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Leaps Over Turkey, too: The First Coronavirus Case Announced by Turkish Authorities

Turkey has announced its first confirmed case of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Turkey has announced its first confirmed case of Covid-19. So, the news ended weeks of speculation over whether the tourism and travel hub with a large refugee population would be able to avoid the novel coronavirus outbreak. The patient was a Turkish national who had recently returned from Europe, Turkey’s Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said … Read more