Former Ottoman Capital Bursa to Look Forward to South Korean Tourists

Bursa, former Ottoman capital, is a city in the foothills of Mount Uludağ

Officials in the northwestern province of the former Ottoman capital Bursa are carrying out special efforts. The main aim of the efforts is to ensure that tourists from South Korea visit the city more. They are also aiming to increase the tourism income of the former Ottoman capital. Bursa, by the way, is largely famous … Read more

Turkey’s Mesir Paste — The Secret Aphrodisiacs from the Ottoman Period

Merkez Muslihiddin Efendi made the paste with 41 different types of plants and spices together to form a medicinal paste.

Mesir paste tradition (Mesir Macunu in Turkish) is a very old tradition in the history of Manisa. The city, by the way, is an Anatolian city in the Aegean region. So, the tradition dates back to almost 500 years. Mesir paste started as a medicine invention during the Ottoman period. However, it became an important part of … Read more

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to Purchase The Portrait of Mehmed II

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality bought the portrait on June 25 at a London auction. (Image Credit-Hürriyet Daily News)

The Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu on June 25 announced that the municipality purchased a portrait of Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II at a London auction. According to the London-based world-famous Christie’s auction house, the municipality’s winning bid amounted to £770,000 ($955,000) for the oil painting. So, according to the specialists, the painting is … Read more

The Most Ambitious Project of the New Season: Kuruluş Osman — “The Ottoman” Turkish TV Series

Kuruluş Osmanlı - Establishment Ottoman is coming very soon!

The continuation of Diriliş: Ertuğrul – Resurrection: Ertuğrul TV series is coming soon! Resurrection: Ertuğrul was an epic TV show. Moreover, it was a legendary historical TV series as you can read our article about. In this respect,  we can tell that the demand for historical TV series is going on! Kuruluş Osman – Establishment Osman Turkish … Read more