Turkish Sucuk Beef Sausage: Why is it So Popular in Turkey?

Turkish Sucuk Beef Sausage (Image Credit-Danet)

Turkish cuisine or kitchen is a bridge between the Middle East and the Mediterranean, just like the country itself. And so, one of its most representative dishes is Turkish sucuk, which is a spicy beef sausage. Find out all about this meaty little sausage that packs a big punch of flavor and how you can … Read more

Media Battle over The Independent: Turkısh and Saudi Conflict

Independent Turkish was banned by Saudi authorities. (Image Credit-Webrazzi)

Media battle over The Independent between the Turkish and the Saudi governments has been proceeding. The Independent has found itself in the middle of a weird tit-for-tat press freedom war between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The whole story began after authorities in Ankara banned the British publication’s Turkish-language site over its links to Riyadh. The … Read more