World’s Most Beautiful 21 Cities including Two Turkish Metropolis

Rome-Colossseum, Italy(Image Credit-Clementoni)

Certainly, you have probably seen lots of lists so far which contain some of the world’s most beautiful cities. Various websites prepare various lists of astonishing cities based on their taste. Here is ours! There are, of course, many different standards and perspectives to determine the “beauty” of a city. As for us, we have … Read more

Love in the Air: İnadına Aşk – “Love Out-of-Spite” Turkish Romantic Comedy

İnadına Aşk - "Love Out-of-Spite" Turkish TV series is a "classy" romantic comedy of Turkish televisions.

İnadına Aşk – “Love Out-of-Spite” Turkish TV series is a “classy” romantic comedy of Turkish televisions. Despite the short broadcasting time of the series, it opened the door all the way through for this category in Turkey. İnadına Aşk – Love Out-of-Spite Turkish TV show has also crucial importance in terms of being one … Read more

Sinem Kobal: Young and Popular

Sinem Kobal

Sinem Kobal is a young model and actress. Her popularity has been increasing since she had started dating with the talented Turkish football star Arda Turan. She was born in 1987 in İstanbul. In early years of school she had a great interest in Bale and sports. Her TV career started when she was in … Read more