Winter Tourism in Turkey Before the Winter is Fully Gone: Turkey’s ‘Alps’ Mergabütan Ski Center

Mergabütan Ski Center is going to raise winter tourism in Turkey

We are already in the middle of March and which means the winter is gone and the spring is here, officially. However, due to seasonal instabilities, snow is still on the ground and so, winter tourism in Turkey still continues… Mergabütan Plateau for Winter Tourism in Turkey Official authorities both at regional and national levels … Read more

The Best 15 Ski Resorts in Turkey

Uludağ Ski Resort is located in Bursa, very close destination to Istanbul

Turkey is a prominent country in winter sports as well as summer tourism. So, Turkey is not only famous for its sunny beaches, hot weather and amazing resorts, but Turkey also a definitely winter wonderland in winter! Over the years, Turkey became a hot spot for ski lovers with its excellent ski resorts, ski lessons opportunities, splendid hotels … Read more