Turkish Televisions will Flame with “Alev Alev” (Flames of Fate) Series in the New Season

The series will be on Show TV every Thursday at 20.00

Apparently, Turkish televisions will flame with a new and assertive production in the 2020-21 season. The series has just an identical story as we mentioned at the head of this article. The name of this new Turkish drama is “Alev Alev” (Flames of Fate) and it totally deserves its name! In the meantime, the series … Read more

When will Turkish TV Series Begin to Broadcasting Life?

Fans of Turkish series are searching for the answer of When will Turkish series begin? question. (Image Credit-Digital Crush)

The question of “when will Turkish TV series begin?” is the most anticipated question in recent days. Following the normalization process after 2.5 month-long coronavirus lockdowns in Turkey, now the new question has appeared. So, among Turkish and foreigner fans of Turkish series and dramas, the question is on the rise! As you know, considering … Read more

Zemheri Turkish TV Series: A New TV Show That You Will Love

The new Turkish TV series Zemheri is a remake of the Korean original version Resurrection.

Zemheri Turkish TV series said hello to the broadcast life with the first episode. The first episode of the series was on the screen on 15 January 2020. The series is going to continue to appear on Turkish broadcaster Show TV. So, there are many questions on the table to be answered. You can find … Read more

RAMO: The New TV Series of Turkish Broadcaster Show TV in On Air!

RAMO is a new and assertive TV series of Turkish broadcaster Show TV.

The new and assertive TV series of Turkish broadcaster Show TV finally met the audience. So, the TV series has started to its broadcasting life on the 14th of January, on Tuesday. And the TV drama has already reached a great number of the dedicated fan! Therefore, following this great attention toward the series, most … Read more

New Turkish Series to Begin in the Season 2020-2021

The New Turkish TV Series of 2020-21 Season

The very productive Turkish television sector is ready for the new season 2020-2021. Turkish televisions, which comes to the before for the audience every year, guarantee to amuse all the fans of Turkish TV series from all around the world this year again. While a new series starts every day on television screens, most show … Read more

The New “Star” of Turkish Televisions: “Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk”- Northern Star The First Love

Northern Star: The First Love is a Turkish comedy and drama TV series

Show TV is ready to appear in front of its audiences with a new assertive production Northern Star: The First Love. The Northern Star Turkish TV series is now about to be aired with the 4th episode and has lots of fan in advance. The genres of the TV series are comedy and drama. So, … Read more