A Must-See Place of All Time Especially Autumn: Bolu Yedigöller – Seven Lakes National Park

It would be regret not to visit Seven Lakes National Park

Yedigoller National Park is just like a wonder of nature with its large and small 7 lakes. In addition to lakes, the National Park also consists of dense forests, rich plant life and the beauty of wildlife. The national park, located to the north of Bolu province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. You … Read more

50 Must-See Places in Turkey | Part 2

Here is a giant service from Do You Know Turkey! Our serial, which consists of 2 parts, about Must-See Places in Turkey, comes to an end with the 2nd article today. (To see the first part of 50 Must-See Places in Turkey | Part 1, please click here). Therefore, we are sure that you will … Read more