Best Turkish Dramas Ever to Watch During Covid-19 Quarantine

Explore the best Turkish dramas ever to watch during coronavirus quarantine. (Image Credit: Anadolu Agency).

Many people from all around the world have abided by calls for “stay home” because of coronavirus. Therefore, they have been seeking for solutions against boredom. And there are some solutions step forward among many others, —such as movies, series, and books. In this respect, as do you know turkey team, we have prepared a … Read more

Turkish TV Characters: The 11 Most Unforgettable Ones

The list of the most unforgettable Turkish actors and actresses (Image Credit: gazeta mapo)

Gather folks! Since you all are here, we can make some nostalgia! We desire to share a list with you which contains some of most unforgettable Turkish TV characters. We say “Some of“, because the Turkish TV industry is huge! Therefore, sorry in advance if we forget to put your favourite’s name on the list! … Read more

A New Turkish TV Series Begins on Fox TV Tonight — Öğretmen (The Teacher) Turkish-Made Drama, Youth and Psychologic Thriller

"You can be anything in life, but what important thing is to be 'human' in life."

Öğretmen — “The Teacher” Turkish TV drama series is getting ready to meet the audience on the Fox TV screen tonight with the first episode. In addition to the names in the leading roles of the series, there are lots of curiosity. The Teacher — Öğretmen Turkish series will come to the screen with the first episode. So, producers … Read more