New Period on Turkish Televisions After Covid-19: Which Turkish Series Will Return to Screen?

Can Yaman and Özge Gürel's series began on Friday, June 26. (Image Credit-YouTube)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has inevitably affected everyone’s life. So unsurprisingly, it also affected the television industry and the series and dramas. Hence, the fate of the show business depends on the future of the plague. In this sense, the new period on Turkish televisions and the fate of Turkish series&dramas is a matter of curiosity. … Read more

When will Turkish TV Series Begin to Broadcasting Life?

Fans of Turkish series are searching for the answer of When will Turkish series begin? question. (Image Credit-Digital Crush)

The question of “when will Turkish TV series begin?” is the most anticipated question in recent days. Following the normalization process after 2.5 month-long coronavirus lockdowns in Turkey, now the new question has appeared. So, among Turkish and foreigner fans of Turkish series and dramas, the question is on the rise! As you know, considering … Read more

A TV Series With the Spicing of Dangerous Secrets: Zalim Istanbul — “Ruthless City”

Zalim Istanbul - Ruthless City TV drama show started on the 1st of April 2019

Zalim Istanbul – Ruthless City Turkish TV drama series has become an indispensable entertainment show of Mondays. The TV series, which you can watch every Monday on Kanal D television at 20.00 Istanbul Time. Zalim Istanbul – Ruthless City TV drama show doesn’t recognise any competitor on TV! So now, we can’t wait for the 15th episode … Read more