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The best Turkish actor alive Haluk Bilginer

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The main motto of Şahsiyet - Persona mini internet series is forgetting is an opportunity

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A Nomination From Turkey for International Emmy Awards

Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer wins the Best Performance by An Actor Award at the 47th International Emmy Awards

Turkish Nominee Haluk Bilginer wins the Award for the Best Performance By an Actor in Emmy International

The master Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer had been selected for the Best Performance by an Actor category in 47th International Emmy Awards, as we shared here a couple of weeks ago. So, the good news reached to Turkey last night.

Haluk Bilginer won the Best Performance by an Actor award on Monday at the 47th International Emmy Awards in New York for his performance in the TV series Sahsiyet (Persona).

The veteran Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer brought great happiness to Turkey as the Best Actor winner at the Emmy Awards
The veteran Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer brought great happiness to Turkey as the Best Actor winner at the Emmy Awards

He brought this great proud to Turkey that he deserved all the way through. The 65-year-old actor Haluk Bilginer told to Anadolu Agency that, “I am very happy that this award went to Turkey more than myself.” He also added that  “It is very pleasing that work we do with love and admiration became successful and others appreciated it on an international platform and they crowned this success with an award.”

A Message From Haluk Bilginer!

In the miniseries Şahsiyet (Persona), Haluk Bilginer plays a man with Alzheimer diagnosis who is cursed to eventually lose all his memories. Bilginer’s character, however, turns the ailment into an opportunity in which he can execute guilty people without any fear of suffering pangs of conscience.

The 12-episode series won acclaim from viewers in Turkey and abroad and is rated 9.1 out of 10 on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

Haluk Bilginer dedicated this prestigious award to his “teammates” that they worked together in harmony at the mini-series. He, moreover, also accepted the award in the name of his daughter Nazlı Bilginer whom the actor wishes her to be a professional actress one day.

On the other hand, he also indicated that “Please make sure the society you live in does not suffer from amnesia!” As we pointed that out above, he is acting an old man who suffers from amnesia, but individual.

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