Elçin Sangu: A Special Photo Gallery of the Beautiful Actress

Elçin Sangu was born on August, 13, 1985 in Izmir

The name Elçin Sangu is more than a name now. It is more likely Turkey’s international brand face. She is hot, she is beautiful, she is a talented actress, and what’s more, she is unbelievably warm-hearted. With her best debut in Kiralık Aşk (“Love for Rent” aka “Rental Love”, 2015-17) as Defne Topal, the actress … Read more

Top 21 Best Turkish Romantic Comedy Series

Erkenci Kuş (Daydreamer)

It is possible to distinguish Turkish TV series into some main groups such as comedy, drama, soap opera, or romantic comedy (romance). In any case, any genre among those we named has an international fan base. Turkish romantic comedy series generally tells the love story between a poor girl and a rich man (or the … Read more

Top 21 Most Handsome Turkish Actors 2021

The most handsome Turkish actors

Some of Turkey’s most handsome, young, and talented actors are about to meet here. You will also find not-so-young but master and still very handsome Turkish actors are here, too. So, don’t be surprised when you see them and consider this as early warming… Turkey is like an incredibly fertile seed that produces world-famous actors, … Read more

Mehmet Ozan Dolunay Who Made a Name with the “Ruthless City”

The actor Mehmet Ozan Dolunay made quite a name for himself quietly and steadily

A promising Turkish actor has been recently wandering in the entertainment business. The actor Mehmet Ozan Dolunay made quite a name for himself quietly and steadily. The first time we heard of his name was with Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar (Little Sweet Liars).  It was a youth TV series that became very successful in 2015. However, … Read more

Turkish Actress Elçin Sangu is Finally Back on TV with “İyi Günde Kötü Günde” Rom-Com

İyi Günde Kötü Günde is an assertive Turkish series of the new season.

The beautiful Turkish actress Elçin Sangu finally returns to the Turkish TV with a new and pretentious production. The series, which persuaded the beautiful actress to return television, is “İyi Günde Kötü Günde” romantic comedy. There is no official translation for the series yet, however, For Better and Worse could be a proper one for now. … Read more

A TV Series With the Spicing of Dangerous Secrets: Zalim Istanbul — “Ruthless City”

Zalim Istanbul - Ruthless City TV drama show started on the 1st of April 2019

Zalim Istanbul – Ruthless City Turkish TV drama series has become an indispensable entertainment show of Mondays. The TV series, which you can watch every Monday on Kanal D television at 20.00 Istanbul Time. Zalim Istanbul – Ruthless City TV drama show doesn’t recognise any competitor on TV! So now, we can’t wait for the 15th episode … Read more