Delicious Turkish Okra and Fresh Tomato with Olive Oil

Turkish okra with olive oil (Image Credit-thespruceeats)

Okra with olive oil (Abelmoschus esculantus) is one of those vegetables folks just love to hate. Other common names of this vegetable are gumbo, bamia, quingombo, and bhindi. Meanwhile, as an important note, this vegetable becomes a slimy mess if you don’t prepare it thoroughly. Okra is an acquired taste in Turkey, just as it is … Read more

A List for Turkish Flavours: Top 10 Most Common Used Ingredients in Turkish Cuisine

Indispensable Turkish ingredients you must use in your meals.

It is obvious that talking about Turkish cuisine is exciting! Just like Italian, Spanish or Chinese cuisines, Turkish cuisine is also one of the richest one in the world. So, we have been introducing you to the delicious members of Turkish flavour’s family. And for this purpose, we have prepared a list for you today … Read more

The Heaven on Earth: Cunda (Alibey) Island – Ayvalık

A Spectacular Beauty: Cunda Island

Cunda Island, which is connected to Ayvalık district of Balıkesir, is one of the most remarkable islands of our Turkey in terms of places to visit. Although the island’s current name is Alibey Island, people mostly know it as Cunda Island. A seaside town on Turkey’s northwestern Aegean coast, Ayvalık is full of historic stone … Read more