The Best Turkish Songs of All Times That You Will Be Addicted to

Turkish music consists of modern and the traditional

Music is what makes you feel alive. So, I, personally, having great fun exploring new songs that I have never heard or listened to before. This is, by the way, the same for Turkish music, too. Therefore, making a list that consists of the best Turkish songs is lots of fun! With golden oldies and … Read more

The 13 Most Popular and Attractive Turkish Women Singers

Gaye Su Akyol is a prominent Turkish psychodelic rock singer. (Image Credit-RedBull)

Spotify announces the most popular songs and singers country by country every year. So, there are popular Turkish women singers, too, among those lists. According to those lists, the rise of Rap Music keeps on. And pop music, after that, follows it. The first three in the list of “The First 5” of Spotify comprises … Read more

Turkey’s Hatay, Antakya: One of the 52 Must-Go Places in 2020 According to the NY Times List

Turkey's Hatay, Antakya is one of the 52 must-go places in 2020 according to the NY Times List.

No doubt, Turkey is the reflection of paradise on the earth. With its numerous natural and historical beauties, Turkey is a must-see country as the whole. In this sense, there are numerous city in Turkey as well as megacities such as Istanbul, Izmir, or Antalya. And so, Antakya undoubtedly is one of those cities. Antakya is … Read more

Turkey’s Psychedelic Rock Star Gaye Su Akyol in The New York Times

NYTimes evaluated Gaye Su Akyol as Turkey's Psychedelic Rock Star .

Turkish psychedelic rock star Gaye Su Akyol is the trending name of the last decade. She takes the stage in several pubs or concert halls in Istanbul. With her completely different style in music, Gaye Su Akyol represents the 1970s Turkish psychedelic rock music. And moreover, she carries that music from that period to nowadays. … Read more