Turkish Rock Music Band Honors 53rd Year with Original Album

Moğollar is an eminent Turkish rock music group

Moğollar is a pioneering and famous Turkish rock music band. It has never left the limelight since the 1970s. So, it is, now, bringing together their works once again in a special project. The name of this project is “Anatolian Sun“. The album will be on music markets both digitally and in two separate albums … Read more

Turkish Musician in Cat Vibing Meme on YouTube to Turn into a Trend in the World

Turkish Musician in Cat Vibing Meme went internationally viral

A Turkish musician, a street drummer, in cat vibing meme has become a worldwide trend after YouTube’s post. The world-famous online video sharing platform YouTube has recently shared Bilal Göregen’s video. The street drummer and musician Bilal Göregen had become famous after a talent contest in Turkey in 2010. Now, however, his reputation has crossed … Read more

The Three Tenors of Turkey, Three Sopranos Bring Polyphony to Stage

The Three Tenors promises to bring joy to the music lovers. (Image Credit-Daily Sabah)

The Three Tenors band was founded 12 years ago to bring opera and polyphony to a broader audience in Turkey. And the band performed their first concert 10 years ago. So, it will bring their works together for art lovers both at home and abroad. The Three Tenors band consists of Şenol Talınlı, Ayhan Uştuk, … Read more

Is Bob Dylan a Really Turkish Descent?

Bob Dylan is now 79 years old. (Image Credit-The San Diego Union-Tribune)

When you see the title, it sounds unreal, unbelievable right? Yes, it is! It is even hard to believe for us, for the Turks. But, it is more than a rumor! Believe or not, the eminent “American” folk musician Bob Dylan is a Turkish descent. Turkish people tend to believe that the whole nationalities, identities … Read more

The 13 Most Popular and Attractive Turkish Women Singers

Gaye Su Akyol is a prominent Turkish psychodelic rock singer. (Image Credit-RedBull)

Spotify announces the most popular songs and singers country by country every year. So, there are popular Turkish women singers, too, among those lists. According to those lists, the rise of Rap Music keeps on. And pop music, after that, follows it. The first three in the list of “The First 5” of Spotify comprises … Read more