New Trend in Turkish Cuisine II: Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza) with Fish in the Same Wrap

Lahmacun (Turkish pizza) with fish

Following our first article as first of “New Trend in Turkish Cuisine” serial, today we are before you again. We are about to share a new recipe that will whet your appetite! Have you ever heard of “Lahmacun with Fish”? So, this is what you are going to learn today! (But before that, do not … Read more

New Trend in Turkish Cuisine I: Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza) and Adana Kebab Meet on the Same Plate

Lahmacun and Adana Kebab come together as a new traditional flavor

Today, we are before you with a recipe, or better to say a “trend”. That will both lick your chops and you will eagerly want to offer yourself a plate. What we are talking about is the surprising meeting of the two of the most popular members of Turkish cuisine. So, hold on to your … Read more

Kim Kardashian in Turkey’s Agenda: From Her Armenian Roots to “Lahmacun”

Kim Kardashian donated 1 million dollar to the victims of coronavirus. (Image Credit-Ermeni Haber Ajansı)

After our latest article, we are now before you with another world-famous celebrity name: Kim Kardashian. She is, actually, more than a name. The world star is more likely to represent or symbolizing a brand, which she actually has as a shapewear company. However, she is, of course, more than that! Kim Kardashian and her … Read more

World Lahmacun* Record


A 189 cm long lahmacun made in Antalya by chief Ramazan Bilgen. However the restaurant owners whom attempt the break the past years record, forgot to call the authorities to certificate. After realizing the situation, they called public notary immediately and ordered Ramazan Bilgin another lahmacun. The second lahmacun were prepared quickly and it was 188 … Read more