A Primitive Elephant Skull Found in Turkey’s Central Part

7.5 million-year-old Primitive Elephant Skull found in Turkey's Kayseri (Image Credit-Hürriyet Daily News)

Turkey’s central part has recently hosted a ground-breaking paleontological improvement in Kayseri, a central Anatolian city in Turkey. An archaeological excavation team unearthed a 7.5-million-year-old complete primitive elephant skull fossil. They believe that the fossil belongs to Choerolophodon Pentelic, which is the ancestor of elephants. The team considers this as proving to be a significant … Read more

The Ancient Metropolis: Ephesus

Update: The Ephesus Archeoligoical Site is open for visiting but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, you can enjoy a virtual Ephesus Tour by clicking here. But first, we suggest you to read our article for a better experience. New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin… These are great cities of the modern world. Ephesus was one of … Read more

Archaeological Excavations in Izmir: A Mother Goddess Figurine Found

A mother goddess figurine found in archaeological excavations in Izmir (Image Credit: Hurriyet Daily News)

Archaeological excavations in Izmir Yeşilova and Yassıtepe mounds of the Bornova district has recently ended. Diggings have revealed that an 8,200-year-old mother goddess figurine. What’s more, archaeologists have also revealed fishing-related net weights, various kinds of jewelry items, as well as fish fossils, and numerous mussels remain. Archaeological Excavations in Izmir Extended The Life of … Read more

Breaking News: Earthquake in Izmir Magnitude 6.6 Killed at least 12

Earthquake in Izmir caused deaths and injures (Image Credit-NYTimes)

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake occurred in Izmir. The earthquake affected the coast of Seferihisar district in the western province of Izmir on Friday (today). The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) made the statement earlier today. The tremors occurred in the Aegean Sea at a depth of 16.5 kilometers (10.3 miles). However, people felt it across … Read more

World’s Most Beautiful 21 Cities including Two Turkish Metropolis

Rome-Colossseum, Italy(Image Credit-Clementoni)

Certainly, you have probably seen lots of lists so far which contain some of the world’s most beautiful cities. Various websites prepare various lists of astonishing cities based on their taste. Here is ours! There are, of course, many different standards and perspectives to determine the “beauty” of a city. As for us, we have … Read more

Turkey’s Hidden Gems: The 9 Beauties You Must-See

The list of Turkey's hidden natural beauties will amaze you!

Turkey, as a paradise on Earth, has always drawn attention with its countless natural and historical beauties. Turkey’s hidden gems, therefore, have unignorable importance. Moreover, the list, the 9 beauties you must-see, that you are about dive into is going to be a very precious guide for those who wish to visit Turkey. Turkey’s Hidden … Read more

The Beloved Princess Diana: The Turkish Mezzo-Soprano Lori Şen Will Play The Princess in US Musical

Turkish mezzo-soprano Lori Şen is going to act as Princess Diana at an American musical.

Turkish mezzo-soprano Lori Şen is going to act as Princess Diana at an American musical. The musical tells the story of the beloved Princess of Wales, Princess Diana. To prepare for her role, Lori Şen is mastering Princess Diana’s gestures, facial expressions and her style of talking. The Flourishing Turkish Mezzo-Soprano Lori Şen Turkish mezzo-soprano and … Read more

50 Must-See Places in Turkey | Part 2

Here is a giant service from Do You Know Turkey! Our serial, which consists of 2 parts, about Must-See Places in Turkey, comes to an end with the 2nd article today. (To see the first part of 50 Must-See Places in Turkey | Part 1, please click here). Therefore, we are sure that you will … Read more