Fırat Çelik: The King of Funny Dance Videos amid Quarantine

The eminent Turkish actor Fırat Çelik is seen as Turkey's Matthew McConaughey

The funny name of quarantine days in Turkey, Fırat Çelik, is going to surprise you today! His funny-bunny Instagram posts, especially dance videos went viral during the Covid-19 quarantine in Turkey. Thus, the charismatic French-Turkish-German actor assured Turkish people moral support amid coronavirus restrictions. Just a kindly reminder! He was not alone in the work … Read more

Mehmet Günsür: The Handsome and Attractive Turkish Actor with a Fascinating Career

Mehmet Günsür is the shining face of Turkey both national and international.

The Turkish actor Mehmet Günsür is undoubtedly one of the most successful actors of Turkish TV and cinema industry. The actor is not only famous in Turkey but also all over the world which means, he is the face of Turkey abroad. No matter how Mehmet Günsür famous with is charisma and handsome appearance, there … Read more