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Stuck Apart (Azizler)

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The 2nd Original Turkish Series of Netflix on Air With the First Publicity: Atiye – “The Gift”

Atiye - The Gift began on 27 December 2019 as the second Turkish original series on Netflix.

Atiye – The Gift Turkish Mystery Drama of Netflix Started!

As we remarked before, Atiye – The Gift is the second Turkish original production of Netflix. So, we have long been waiting for the start of the first season. And it finally began on 27 December 2019, just right before the beginning of the new year.

Atiye – The Gift Turkish original mystery drama of Netflix became a trending topic as soon as it has started. Just like the Turkish audience, foreigners eager followers of Netflix from all around the world have also been waiting for the Turkish series.

Beren Saat is acting as Atiye in Gift Turkish original Netflix series
Beren Saat is acting as Atiye in Gift Turkish original Netflix series

First Reactions on Social Media Have Arrived!

Atiye – The Gift Turkish Netflix original was already an assertive production of Netflix. Both the extraordinary and unusual story and the talented and famous actors and actresses of the series caused a great interest in the series. The series is the second original Turkish series on Netflix with its fantastic story. So, the first one, by the way, was Hakan: Muhafız (Hakan: The Protector).

The Second Original Turkish Series on Netflix

Apart from Hakan: Muhafız, first comments for Atiye – The Gift are pretty much positive. According to the comments, people who have watched the first season mostly liked the stories and especially performances of the cast. In the meantime, the first season consists of 8 episodes. And unsurprisingly, the Turkish audience has already finished the first season and longing for the new one!

The first season of Atiye-The Gift consists of 8 episodes.
The first season of Atiye-The Gift consists of 8 episodes.

What is Story of Atiye – The Gift Turkish Mystery Drama?

The main character, Beren Saat acted as Atiye, is a painter, and she is free and quite commanding. She has always been drawing the same symbol since she was a child. Although she’s curious, she didn’t poke the situation. She lives the kind of life many people can’t even dream of. For instance, she has a rich and handsome lover, an insect but fun sister and a father who is fond of his daughter. The only pointed corner of this family is Atiye’s mother, but Atiye somehow learned to deal with it.

Mehmet Gunsur and Beren Saat appeared as a perfect couple and the leading roles of the series.
Mehmet Gunsur and Beren Saat appeared as a perfect couple and the leading roles of the series.

Perfect Harmony of Beren Saat and Mehmet Gunsur

Due to the mystical symbol of which Atiye has been drawing since her childhood, her path crosses with Mehmet Günsür (acted as Erhan). Erhan does not take Atiye seriously. After all, a woman says that she wants to come into the excavation area (Göbeklitepe) and has been drawing that symbol for years. Anyone would think of she is crazy. However, Atiye’s righteousness finally emerges and the fates of Erhan and Atiye are sealed to each other so that they cannot be separated again.

Metin Akdülger and Beren Saat’s Love Scene Blows Your Mind!

You know that Metin Akdülger and Beren Saat played as the mother-son, albeit indirectly, in Magnificent Century Kösem. When you see their love scene, one remembers this information, and it’s a pitiful situation first, but the electricity of the duo instantly draws you into it.

Atiye is preparing to open an exhibition of this mystical symbol. Her mother is a typical Turkish mother. Like every Turkish teenager, Atiye lives with her mother in small nerve warfare. At this time, an old woman comes across Atiye. A woman she sees in every corner she goes to, but no one else sees her.

The release date o the new season will be announced at the beginning of 2020.
The release date o the new season will be announced at the beginning of 2020.

In short, people most generally liked Atiye – The Gift Turkish Mystery drama Netflix original. Furthermore, it became the main agenda on the internet after the first season aired on 27 December 2019. The first season lasted for 8 episodes. The release date of the second season, by the way, is not clear yet. According to the ratings of the first season, producers will decide whether the filming maintains or not.

Comments on Social Media

Atiye – The Gift shook the social media, especially twitter. Now, let’s take a look some of those comments on social media.

Netflix has begun making commercials of Atiye – Gift in the Middle East, South America and North Africa in the name of MENA.

Atiye – The Gift was the most-watched series of Netflix Turkey in2019. The series, which was published just 3 days ago, broke a record with this success.


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